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8.22 "Doomsday" review

This episode was hyped up, people speculating about the deaths for months. Was it worth it?

Can you say "no chance in hell?" What was that? They should not have hyped it up as much as they did and even me, going in with zero expectations, was disappointed. That was a season finale?

It was just so anti-climatic ... and the big fight between Clark and Doomsday was not what I expected at all. What a let down. I'm going character by character, even though my heart is not into writing this review at all. But either I do it now or I do it Sunday night when I get back from Vegas. I'm sure that with my good mood, I would not want to revisit this episode so I'm getting this over with.

Let's start with Clark. I love him, I really do. I loved the opening scene, between him and Rokk, though I had been seen it already. Rokk was fantastic and I love how he put the blame where it was due. Chloe screwed him over and it needed to be said, especially since Clark would never do it himself. I was really disappointed that Rokk was only there for one scene. He was one of the few characters I liked.

Speaking of another one I always love, the Clark/Lois scene was way too short. I do like how Clark trusted Lois with his letter and I thought the phone call was nice. Lois being all insistent to meet him was great and we all saw his disappointment when she wasn't at their chosen meeting spot later.

I like Clark commanding the League ... there was major foreshadowing going on there. Did you see what a natural leader he was? I'm sorry, Ollie, you may have started this League but Clark's way better at handling it than you are. When Ollie barged into the meeting, I knew there was going to be trouble. I snickered when Bart mentioned the tension. Dinah looked sad when Clark was all "you're not one of us" to Ollie and hinted at Ollie's fading morals. It's okay, Dinah, you'll fix him one day. Kinda. For the meantime, could she do something about her own hair? Cuz that style when she was Black Canary was not working for me. One question I have though: didn't the Black K work on Lex? How did he get split? I don't remember much of "Onyx". I was surprised it didn't affect Bart.

I can't tell you how much I saw red when Ollie shot Clark. I wonder what Ollie told him to get them to work with him again. Ollie's all "We can't risk you?" At that point, I was like "what about you morons? Can you handle yourselves?" The fact that Clark later said he trusted Oliver? Was amazing to me. I was like "wow".

Jimmy and Clark's scene was nice though. He's another character I thought really rocked in this episode and I was really sad to see him die. You know, I was always like "oh, they would never kill Jimmy" and THEY DID. WTF, SV? People who said that Jimmy'd be the one to find out were right though. I liked him finding out and how in awe he was. It was really cute! When Clark was all "do you trust me" and Jimmy was like "Always, CK", I melted. At least SOMEONE does.

Clark's fight with Doomsday lasted a very short time though I'm thinking there will be something bigger in the future. I liked how he saved the little girl and comforted her. That made me smile when I saw the director's cut and I just get a kick out of Tom interacting with children. He's just so GOOD with them.

Clark's scenes with Chloe pissed me off. She was SO bitchy when she was like "oh, you got your way" with the Black K. I'm like "YOU USED IT, BITCH" and it's cuz she was too worried about protecting her murdering psychopath boyfriend Davis and refused to let the League kill him. In their last scene, she still didn't garner much sympathy from me. Clark giving up on his human side breaks my heart. Superman is supposed to be the hero of hope and SV had bred a much darker version, one that has seen too much tragedy. The fact that Clark thinks his human side is bad? Doesn't give me a good feeling.

I don't find it a coincidence that he realized he couldn't find Lois and then decided to give up his human side around the same time. I know it had to do with Davis but he just seemed so heartbroken at not finding her. Still, when he said "Clark Kent is dead", that was really chilling.

Speaking of Lois, where was she? First of all, she wasn't in the past two episodes and then she wasn't in most of this episode! I loved her (short) presence. Her constant determination to find Chloe warms my heart. That is one loyal gal.

Her scene with Jimmy was sweet too. Those two are like siblings, aren't they? Some people say that about s5!Clois but those two always had an underlying sexual tension so 'siblings' is seriously the wrong word. Lois and Jimmy are super funny and I like them searching to find Chloe.

The fight with Tess was pretty great too. Those two are rather kickass and I really missed their scenes together. Tess's little "I miss the maid outfit" made me giggle. I was cheering Lois on and I'm glad she won the fight and her with the Legion ring was interesting. I did wonder how she got it in the trailers though I'm surprised Clark just put it in his desk like that. Now she's gone and we don't know where! I seriously feel gypped. Didn't Erica say in an interview that maybe Lois will just disappear? I didn't know she was hinting that was what was going to happen! And was the major Clois moment that was supposed to make the Cloisers "forgive" the phone call? It was nice, PS3, but seriously ... you need to stop hyping up things when they just can't deliver. As a Clois shipper, I'm just even more disappointed.

The last character I felt was really good was Jimmy. Clearly he's away from his druggie routine. I love how passionate he is about finding and saving Chloe. I'm surprised at the mission he's doing for Oliver but oh well. I should've seen that coming when Ollie was kicked out of his own League. I liked his wedding gift to Chloe and his speech made me smile. I couldn't believe Chloe's all "omg, I always loved you" bit and I wish he hadn't been all "oh, you're a hero" cuz that's the last thing everyone needs: someone else martyring Chloe. I cheered when he killed Davis though. Jimmy has gotten on my nerves over the year but he did NOT deserve to die. RIP Jimmy. I hope they bring you back in s9, with a more better plot. I don't know where your family at the funeral came from ... did Jimmy ever mention having a little brother? So, none of them cared enough to show up at the wedding? Right, it's SV ... don't think too much. Forgot about that.

Tess was very evil but her ST was limited too. I liked what I saw; she was pretty dark when she was finding the orb. When she was all "I am saving humanity", I got a flash of what Lex should've been like. Not a big woobie but really doing bad things while insistent that he's the true hero. I have to say Tess is an interesting character.

Now for Oliver: god, what a douche. I couldn't believe how he acted in Clark's barn. At least he tried to convince Chloe to let Davis go in the facility and maybe it's me but he definitely seemed surprised when Clark said "I trust you". Maybe that will push you back to the right side, Oliver. He was there at the funeral too. I don't have much to say about him. I am tired of hating him and ranting about him. I want to love Ollie and I'm really ... tired.

This episode proved that Doomsday is not just the monster side of Davis; Davis himself is a monster. The way he killed Jimmy out of a jealous rage and almost killed Chloe? Nothing in there worth saving. Do you see who you were protecting, Chloe?

Chloe, btw, was annoying. I kinda felt bad for her in her first scene with Davis, when he was telling her that story but it was a life she chose for herself. And she still couldn't let him go! I think it's her partially her fault Jimmy's dead. That Chimmy scene though ... I think Allison really wants to sell the Chimmy, that's all I'm saying. If she hadn't been all "oh, poor Davis" early on, I would've bought it. What I'm shaking my head is that something completely opposite of what I expected happened. I thought Doomsday would kill Clark and Lois would cradle his dying body. But instead, Davis killed JIMMY and CHLOE held him while he died. Pretty crazy.

I don't have anything to say about Davis. His expression when faced with Doomsday was kind of funny though. I wonder if it was Davis in the end though. It looked like him and was that a Zod sign?

Anyway, it was just a letdown overall. I wonder what they will do in the s9 opening. We have until September to speculate but for now, I just want to forget about this show for a while.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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