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pairings meme

Snagged from kayim (she did it with Lost and I’m using it for Smallville)


One True Pairing Ship: Clark/Oliver- obviously! They’re so cute. My love for them is endless. Our boys are so pretty separately and even more so together!

Canon Ship: Clark/Lois- I know, there’s a lot of hate for ED but I personally love her. She and TW have chemistry and she’s very cute.

"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a fork" 'Ship: Lana/Oliver; I’m sorry, no. Never, I don’t think so. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl.  

"You are one sick bastard" 'Ship: Lex/Oliver . . . no way, no how. Oliver belongs with one of three people: Clark, Chloe or Lois. And Dinah is okay because well, that’s comics canon. But I just don’t see it. Lex & Ollie bothers me to no end.

"I dabble a little" 'Ship: Chloe/Clark- they’re really cute and all of you know how much love I have for Chloe. I blame mssullivan for getting me into them.

"It's like a car crash" 'Ship: Lana/Lex- at the beginning, they were kind of cute. :\

"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" 'Ship: Bart/Chloe . . . they’re amusing and Bart is hilarious. But I’m not sure. I read them sometimes though.

"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" 'Ship: Clark/AC (and no not the one from SV, Justin's version of course). Because that would make a hilarious fic with a jealous!Ollie . . . two Justins . . . too delicious for words.

"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" 'Ship: Clark/Lana- I abhor Lana. And with
Clark . . . oh man, they’re so annoying. That ‘ship needs to die and die now.

"When all is said and done" 'Ship: Clark/Ollie . . . they’re my OTP and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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