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Pimping and Clark Meme Day 10! :)

If I didn't make it clear in a previous post, Kirk/Spock is my new ship. It's just seriously awesome! Does anyone know where I can find some good icons?

Anyway, anyothergirl415 is hosting a K/S friending meme so if you're new to the ship like I am or just want more friends, go check it out! :D


Next, brennans is running a 'You Should Totally Be Friends With Meme', where you post your username and people recommend others that you should be friends with.

You Should Totally
Be Friends With Meme
// My Thread

Remember, if you want to reply to someone, reply to the comment, not to the post. Hit the post new comment at the top/bottom of the post if you want to play too! :)

Finally, today is Day 10 of the Clark Meme and the episode is "Shimmer". His expression is just all kinds of adorable and I really love that shade of blue on him! :D

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