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Somebody Saaaaveee mee . . . . ;)

I was all excited today for the Smallville season premiere! I was so jealous of most of my flist, who got to see the episode earlier. i had to use all my willpower not to read people's reviews and find out spoilers. but I waited and it was worth it. So here's my thoughts on the episode.

The water scene was a little weird. But the Superman nod was totally awesome. That kid was in awe. :) So cute! :D And omg, Bizarro had a deeper voice. I found it kind of sexy. ;) I really think TW enjoyed playing Bizarro. Must be a nice change from constantly angsting over Lana. I mean, he figured "might as well enjoy this while I can because God knows, soon I'll be mooning over Lana once again". LOL

I was so worried about Chloe. I read spoilers and found out she was alive (what can I say, I'm impatient . . . 4 months is a long time. But Clark's face when he found out she was dead . . . I wanted to hug him! But she woke up and he saved her. That was awesome.

And the Oliver mention! It came from Clark. Oh, the Collie love. I was like "stop dreaming about Ollie and get back to work". ;) *points to icon* I mean, it just came from nowhere.

Who nearly died when they saw the Bizarro/Lois scene? TW was HOT in that one . . . so naughty. He grabbed her ass . . . I freaked out and it was a good thing I was alone in my dorm. I mean, I saw the scene on youtube because it was the director's cut. But it was still great even the second time around. That *smirk* . . . oh man . . . it was crazy.

Between that and the Ollie mention, well, I want an Ollie/Bizarro fic. Dude, in fact, I'm going to write an Ollie/Bizarro fic. That's what I've decided. I know, I know, I have too many stories going on already. But it's such a temptation and I'm so inspired. And my lovely beta, boltgirl426 said i should so there! :D

The Lex scenes were pretty okay. I thought it was pretty neat how he refused to help Bizarro kill Clark. Takes me back to how Clark refused to kill Lex to get rid of Zod. I could've done without the Lana whining but other than that, very interesting. I wonder how long the "I'm a changed man" attitude is going to last this time. :\ I wonder how they're going to cement the relationship once and for all. Because we all know how the story ends. And dude, the knocking out part was convenient wasn't it? *rolls eyes* Smallville, sometimes, you're so lame.

I like J'onn and I'm glad they brought him in. The Kara part was kinda blah. I mean, the whole saving Lex from drowning thing? Seriously, they need a new plot. I'm not too impressed with her just yet.

But the Clois parts were good. I knew way back when that Lana wasn't dead. I called it right after the end of season 6. The truck couldn't have been more obvious. Now I want to know how they're going to bring her back in. And again, begins the Clana. As quiet__tiger smartly pointed out in her post, we somehow got a Clana loft scene and they were not even together in the same damn continent! That blonde wig was lame. The return of Clana is something I'm dreading immensely.

I'm still crossing my fingers for a decent season though. Idealistic and delusional? Perhaps. But I'm going to remain optimistic for now. :D

Let me know what everyone else thought! I love to hear your ideas and hopes for the upcoming season. :D

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