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Some more pimping and the Clark Meme!

sunshine_hippie is accepting nominations for "Who is the Ultimate HBIC" (Head Bitch in Charge). People nominate characters and other people second the nominations by responding to the original comment. Make sure you check the comments and read the rules because if someone is already on there, you can't nominate them again.

LOIS LANE is the ultimate HBIC

Lois has been kicking ass for 70 years and you know she's the ULTIMATE HBIC! ;D

Now for the Clark Meme! Today's episodes are "Suspect", "Rush" and "Prodigal".

2.13 "Suspect"- Only one cap with this one but I went overboard with the "Rush" so I hope that'll make up for it. I love Clark's expression ... he's just too cute for words! :D

2.14 "Rush"- I may be in the minority but I was really "meh" on this episode, no matter how sexy Clark was on Red K. It had a few good scenes, like where Clark and Martha gang up on Jonathan to let Clark go out on the date and the scene in the barn where Chloe learns the secret briefly. But there was a lot of scenes that bugged me. Anyway ... the caps!

His huge smile kills me ... he just got a date with the girl of his dreams and he's SO thrilled. &hearts

Being all sexy on Red K. That man is irresistible!

At Chloe's hospital bed ... I really love the expression.

Trying to get Lana to understand. Aww, poor Clark but his expression. IDK how anyone can turn that away ... she has stronger willpower than me, I guess. ;D

2.15 "Suspect"- I chose a few caps for this one too. Again, a possibly unpopular opinion but I didn't really like Lucas. I don't find him attractive either so he didn't have the pretty going on for him either. But Clark being all jealous was adorable.

Smiley!Clark! :D

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