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A Month of Pairings

Today, as you all know is October 1st. It  is also a Monday. The beginning of a new month and the beginning of of a new week. And Smallville has started as well.

After a little bit of thinking, I decided to something a little different. There are four weeks this month (well, more than that but four full weeks). You all know that with Smallville, I love many ships. But you only get to see Clark/Oliver most of the time.

So this is what I'm going to do. I will dedicate each week to a different ship and for 7 days, that pair is all you're going to get from me. Whether it is my favorite vids, icons, pictures or maybe even a fic! :) Unless my WIPs have to do with that pairing, they will be temporarily put on hold.

I don't know if anyone will actually care and you can ignore this if you want but I wanted to inform my flist about my decision. :D

My first pairing will be none other than my OTP, Clark/Oliver. :D Day 1 of Collie week will start tomorrow (yes, i know it's a tuesday, who really cares?). Collie week will be from October 2nd to the 8th. You will find out on the 8th evening who the next week's pair will be.

I hope everyone's Mondays are going well! :D

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