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me update! :)

Happy Monday everyone! Then again, how can Mondays be happy, right? Fortunately, it's a shorter day for me. I only have two classes, so I'm done at 11 am. I had to stay back for a little bit because we're doing a mock trial in one of my classes (for Professor ROSENBAUM! HA! I swear, that will never get old. Yes, I'm a dork, I know it) and my group had to meet. :)

Dude, did you guys know that Justin and Lindsay Hartley are expecting a second child? I read about it somewhere. If so, congrats to them! Justin makes such an adorable daddy and Lindsay is gorgeous. I just love them together. &hearts

In fact, my dear boltgirl426 linked me to an interview with her. It's not very long but it's cute and it has pictures of Isabella. If you're interested, it's here. :)

saavikam77 posted about a dream she had and it reminded me of one I had a few days ago. Let's just say Clark was an angel and his purpose was to help Ollie find love. Knowing me, guess how that turned out? ;) Though I have to say, Tom with wings? VERY nice. How about all of you? Have you ever had any weird dreams?

I hope everyone is doing okay and manages to survive the week! Think about this way: only four more days till the weekend! LOL :D
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