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2 memes!

I hope you're all having a good day! I'm just happy tomorrow is Friday, lol. Though finals are a little over a week and I'm a bit nervous. Excited for summer vacation though! So to procrastinate, here are two memes!

The first is an alphabet meme I snagged from scoob2222:

Just comment with a show, pairing/character, and word prompt for a letter of your choosing* and I’ll write you a drabble/ficlet in return.

A for anniversary, Smallville, Clark/Oliver for eurekaarcher
B for bedroom, Smallville, Clark/Oliver, for boltgirl426
C for cousins, Smallville, Clark-Kara for eternal_moonie
D for domesticity, SV/TDK, Clark/Bruce for mitsuki_shizuka
E for enemies, Smallville, Clark/Tess for eternal_moonie
F for frenemies, Smallville, Chloe/Tess for shopfront
G for green, Smallville, Clark/Oliver for bradygirl_12
H for Harley, Smallville, Clark/Lois, for scifiabby
J for jazz, Smallville, Clark/Ollie, for hgrover642
L for loving looks, Smallville, Clark/Oliver,for lipssewnshut122
M for mellow morning, Smallville, Clark/Oliver for kashmir_heroin
O for orange juice, SV/Batman Begins, Bruce/Lois for ferdalump
P for partnership, SV/Batman Begins, Clark/Bruce for chosenfire28
R for rain, Smallville, Lois/Oliver for babydracky
S for smile, Smallville, Chloe/Bart for scoob2222
T for truth, Smallville, Clark/Lois for verogeller
V for vacation, Smallville, Chloe/Oliver for tehzo
W for waves (water), Smallville, Clark-Bart for charlie_jae
Y for years of memories, Smallville, Clark/Oliver for ravenjune

*There are some ships that I just don't write. If in doubt, ask! :D

The second meme I got from kashmir_heroin:

Comment and I will give you a list of ten actresses and ten actors. Then post the list in your journal with your favorite films of theirs.


1. Morgan Freeman- I'll have to go with 'Invictus'. He was amazing in that movie!

2. Christian Bale- I haven't seen enough of his movies (yes, ferdalump, I fail, I know) but I have to go with The Dark Knight. I actually liked that better than Batman Begins, though I loved that one too.

3. Ryan Gosling- The Notebook! I loved the book and I really liked the movie too. He was perfect as Noah! :)

4. Jim Carrey- Don't hate me, but I am not a huge fan of this guy. I don't like his type of humor, so I've only seen a very few of his movies. I'll go with The Truman Show because I remember thinking liking that movie.

5. Ben Barnes- Chronicles of Narnia! I loved him as Prince Caspian. His voice, his hair ... all very perfect. :)

6. Tom Hanks- This was tough. I've loved so many of his movies, from Sleepless in Seattle to Forrest Gump to Catch Me if You Can, but I have to go with Toy Story! Because come on, even if it's just his voice, that movie is WIN! I'm so excited for the third one!

7. Hugh Grant- Oh, I love him. Another toughie! If I have to choose, I'll go with Notting Hill.

8. James Franco- For someone so hot and awesome, he does some WEIRD movies. Which is why I'll have to go with Spiderman 2. He's the reason I watch that movie over and over again. ;)

9. Dan Radcliffe- I've only seen the HP movies so I'll go with Goblet of Fire.

10. Jake Gyllenhaal- I have to go with October Sky ... I remember seeing that movie years ago and loving it. It was my first introduction to him as an actor and it was very good. :)


1. Meg Ryan- Sleepless in Seattle, of course! I adore that movie and that kid who played Jonah was SO cute! :D

2. Sandra Bullock- Definitely The Blind Side. She was incredible in that role and I think it's her best movie ever!

3. Kiera Knightley- Not her biggest fan either so I'll go with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Besides, her character wasn't as irritating in the first movie. Also, Will & Elizabeth were still cute together.

4. Emma Watson- Again, I only know her from the Harry Potter movies but I'll go with the 6th one, Half-Blood Prince, because she helped make the Hermione/Ron/Lavender triangle funnier than it was in the books.

5. Anne Hathaway- She's so cute and one of my favorite actresses! I have to go with The Devil Wears Prada.

6. Jessica Alba- I haven't seen enough of her movies to make a good call, so I'll just have to pick out of the few I DID see. I'll go with Sin City.

7. Drew Barrymore- Again, another actress I like. While 50 First Dates was adorable, I'll go with Never Been Kissed.

8. Katherine Heigl- Definitely 27 Dresses. It was cute, funny and had James Marsden! :D

9. Queen Latifah- She's hilarious! I have to go with Bringing Down the House. She killed me in that one!

10. Lucy Liu- I've seen more of her in TV shows than movies so I'll have to be obvious and go with Charlie's Angels because that's the only one I can remember, lol. :D
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