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me and pimping!

Hello flist! I hope you're all having a good weekend. I'm having a lazy weekend but that makes me happy. The weather is remaining nice too, which is always good. I hear we're having rain over the next two days which makes me sad. Hopefully it's light rains because I hate driving in that kind of weather. :\

Next week, all my shows are ending for the season. Law and Order is having their series finale! I heard that Dick Wolf is looking for other networks to pick it up for a record breaking 21st season so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Dancing With the Stars AND American Idol have their finales this week. That means I can only watch DWTS tomorrow, because the results airs the same time as AI. That really sucks because the people I wanted to get in the finales of both shows did.

Oh, funny story: my sister, my parents and I were watching AI together a while ago. You know how Ryan hangs out at the judges' table a lot? Well, he kissed Ellen's cheek or something like that and my mom was all "ooh, does Portia (Ellen's wife) have to be worried?" And I was like "nah, Ellen doesn't swing that way."

And my sister was like "neither does Ryan." LOL She's always been the quick-witted one in the family.

Anyway, now on the pimping. bradygirl_12 runs AWESOME and amazingly creative challenges from her LJ. Now she has another one!

It's the 2010 DCU Fic/Art Summer Vacation Challenge! You make fanworks around the prompts 'summer' and 'vacation'. All ships (het, gen, slash) are welcome and it's just not limited to the comics 'verse. So if you want to write a fic in the movie verse or even Smallville, that works too!

The challenge runs from June 1st-August 31st.

Go HERE to check it out! :)
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