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Day 1 of Clark/Oliver week

I was surprised that I got feedback about my pairings month. I'm really flattered that people are interested. So here we are!

As you all remember, this is Clark/Oliver week! Today is the background day. A little bit about the boys, about why we (or at least I) love them, together and apart. And to conclude this lovely post, I have made a list of my personal favorite Clark/Oliver fics. There are a good number and don't be offended if yours is not there. I love all the Clark/Oliver fics I put on my list. These are just some I love more than others.

So why don't I stop blabbing and begin! I hope you all enjoy this!

Let's start with a little background.

Who They Are & Why They're Good:

Clark Kent: Do we really need any introduction to him? Our future Superman, played on Smallville by the utterly gorgeous Tom Welling. Sure, he can be stupid sometimes- especially when it comes to dealing with Lana- but when he was around the second half of my OTP, he was a better person. I think I liked his character more. We love him because he does have a good heart and really believes in his morals.

Oliver Queen: Our famous Green Arrow. Someone who showed up season 6, when we were all losing hope in the show and stole our hearts. I know there were people who didn't like him, for stupid reasons like it took away from the Clex and he showed up Clark. But with him, Clark was a better character and unlike a lot of people, he didn't take any of Clark's bull. He told it like it was. And that fact that the absolutely sexy, charismatic Justin Hartley played him was icing on the cake. His adorable smirk and quick wit really helped brighten up the first half of season 6.

The 'ship: Who can resist two hot guys together? They had such chemistry on the show and Clark constantly  mentions him, even after he is gone. In the most recent season premiere, Clark is the one to mention Oliver. Totally out of the blue. My love for Clark/Ollie began during "Arrow". And it hasn't died since.

Onto the list of fics that I love so much. If you haven't checked these out, you really should.

My favorite fics:

"I've Got You Under My Skin" by
This is just fabulous beyond words and I think it's my favorite Clark/Ollie fic ever. The sequel, "Keep Holding On" is to die for! And no, I'm not biased. It's season 6, colliefied. She rocks at the detail, the characters, the plot . . . okay, I love everything about this fic! Plus, we get some hot Clark/Ollie scenes, which makes it even better.

"Apotheosis" by
Another great fic! A story about the darkest possible ending of Smallville season 6 finale. Martha has left for Washington, Lana and Chloe are both dead. Clark is alone and he now realizes he has feelings for Oliver. Ignore my lame attempt at a summary. It's really brilliant! :)

"This is Not the End" by
Currently a WIP, this fic has caught my attention and left me wanting for more. A wonderfully written fic where Oliver finds himself in a life threatening situation and Clark saves the day, and soon realizes that he would do anything for Oliver. Her dialogue and her characters and the way she describes everything will make you as addicted to the story as I am.

"Seeing You Helps" by
She did such a superb job with this story. It's a one shot and it's premise is Oliver returns to Smallville when Clark needs him the most. Clever dialogue and great characterizations puts this in my top fics list. :) For someone whose OTP is clex, she really rocks the Collie. :)

"Grounded" by
An amazing fic where Oliver tests one of Clark's abilities. It is really cute and I enjoyed it. She wrote it in a time where finding Clark/Ollie fics was next to impossible. Honestly, she saved me from going nuts and I still appreciate her and this fic today. :)

"Say It"
I don't know who wrote this. I found it on The author's penname there is "Hollywood Flunky". It is really hot and pure smut. So good. :)

"The Sweetest Burn" by
Clark deals with Lana's death and Oliver returns to help. But he's not the only one who is concerned about Clark. :) That is the author's summary. It's a very well written fic and I enjoyed it immensely. What is great about this fic is she explores different characters POVs. 6 chapters, 6 different POVs. And she does each one magnificently. It's like she can see into their heads or something. It's worth a read for sure.

Well, there you have it. Since this will go on for 7 days, you have 7 fics to enjoy. LOL I know it's majorly corny but that's me. The rest of the wonderful Clark/Ollie fics at at my list, which once again is here. If you get some time, check it out, if you haven't already.

And I'd love to know your thoughts! What are your favorite Clark/Oliver fics? And what moment did you get pulled over and think "hey, Oliver, forget Lois and go for Clark".

Let me know! :) Until tomorrow everyone! Have a great day. :)

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