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Pimping and some recs!

Hey everyone! Hope your Saturday is going well. I have some things to rec for you!

So, you know how most big bangs are already on way? Feel like you want to join in one but you missed the deadline? But you haven't! I found a Big Bang that's still open and it's a multi-fandom one!

bigbangbuffet is a big bang community for fanfics of 15,000 words or more centered around a theme that rotates from round to round. The first round is love and romance. Writers and artists can sign up now. Sign-ups for writers end on July 30th. Check it out if you're interested.

bigbangbuffet bigbangbuffet bigbangbuffet bigbangbuffet

I already signed up. I don't know whether I'm doing Clois or Clark/Ollie though. If I give in to Clark/Ollie, I may give in to that dream I had and do angel!Clark. If I do Clois, I have always wanted to do a fic where Clark gives Lois a bunch of reasons why they can't be together and Lois decides to change his mind by proving all his points wrong. I also kinda want to do an amnesia fic.

Ooh, for Clark/Ollie, I would love to do a fic where they don't meet in Smallville, but in the future. And for some reason, their alter egos don't get along (maybe Ollie doesn't trust the JL or something?) but they have feelings each other as Clark & Ollie.

Or maybe a reality show type fic too. A Bachelor type fic, except a slash version, where Ollie is the one who is the bachelor and Chloe & Lois sign Clark up for the show.

You know what fic I also want to do? This one won't work for the Big Bang, but I just have always wanted it. The plot would Clark and Lois get turned into little kids and Chloe and Ollie have to play babysitter while finding out what went wrong and how to turn them back. Of course it's Clois and Chlollie. Little!Clark would totally have a crush on little!Lois and would definitely be attached to Oliver. ;)

And the sad part is that I have all of these ideas, but I STILL don't have a plot for my 12days_of_clois fic! It's due in about 10 days! *facepalm*

Ok, next thing I'm pimping is a friending meme! Click on the banner to get there!

Multifandom Friending Meme

Now for a few fics that I've read recently and loved.

1. Long Day At the Office by saavikam77 (Clark/Oliver, PG-13)- I always get excited when she writes Clark/Ollie and this ficlet is adorable! She writes both of them so well and the snark is WIN!

2. Sword in the Stone by bradygirl_12 (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, AU, WIP)- I swear, she is one of the best Clark/Bruce authors out there and she proved it again with this fic. It's a Merlin AU and just fantastic. I'm already eagerly awaiting the next part! :D

3. His Biggest Fan by sxymami0909 (Chloe/Oliver, PG)- This is SO funny and cute. Basically, Conner (Chlollie's son) sees Green Arrow run over the family pet by accident (don't worry, the dog is fine!). It's really funny and Conner is great. It'll definitely put a smile on your face.

Remember, if you like something, leave feedback so we can get more fics from the author! :)
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