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rl, pimping and 30 day memes!

Hey everyone! I hope you are surviving Monday! I'm doing much better than yesterday. A little while after I posted, I took some medicine and a nap and my headache was gone when I woke up, which made me happy. :)

Today, I'm going to take my laptop in to the Apple store to see whether or not they can just replace the port. If that doesn't work, I'll send it to my family friend, who's already offered. :)

I have something to pimp for you all. It's a 'Fanmix Meme'. Basically, you post your username and people respond with a character/ship/series/etc and you respond with a song that you think reminds you of that. Sounds good?


Remember, if you want to post your username, hit 'post new comment', but you have to reply to a comment, if you want to respond to someone else's. Btw, comment notifications are off, so you should track your thread. :)

Now to the 30 day memes! As always, my shipping one is first.

Day 19 - A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning?

There are quite a few ships that I loved from the first moment I saw them together, but I finally picked one, after debating between two.

Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls! I loved them so much and we all know they only split because Milo and Alexis did. I felt that Jess was the only one who really "got" her and I loved how when he came back, he was all mature. I cheered when he told her off for dropping out of Yale. HE got it, even when Logan didn't (I grew to like Logan, but he was never better than Jess). In my ending for GG, I think that Jess and Rory found each other again (probably at Luke/Lorelai's wedding, you know there will be one!) and reconnected. Two of my rl friends agree with my version btw. ;)

And my music meme!

Day 20 - A song that you listen to when you’re angry

IDK, I like just listening to music when I am upset. It helps calm me down. Probably anything by The Fray and I'll go with the newest song I have fallen in love with from them, Syndicate.
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