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Hey all! I hope everyone is having a good day. You know all those memes where you post your username and there are different themes? Well, I have 4 of them to share with you today! Yes, I know, a lot, but I found them while I was catching up and they each seemed interesting in their own way.

There's an Appreciation Meme, where you post your username and people show you love. :)

the appreciation meme

Next, there is a Who do you ship me with meme, where you post your username and people say who the ship you with. It can be anything from a character, real person to a color or country!

WHO do you SHIP me with?

Thirdly, it's the Imitate Me meme, which is basically what it sounds like. You post your username and people comment, imitating you.

imitate me meme

Last, but not least, there is the "I've always wanted to tell you" meme, where you comment and people say what they always wanted to say to you. Anonymous comments are on. :)

i've always wanted to tell you...

Remember, if you want to reply to someone, reply to the comment, not the post. If you want to play, use the post new comment.

If anyone on my flist has done these, please link me to your threads! :D
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