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me, friending meme & the 30 day memes!

Hey all! How's your week going? Mine is okay. I'm being lazy today. Nothing wrong with that, right? Anyway, I have something to pimp for you all.

anenko is running a Female Character Friending Meme, where you can make friends who have the same fav characters as you! I thought it was different and it's about time the gals got some love too! :D

Now the 30 Day memes! It's Day 27 of my shipping one (thank goodness; I really want to go on to the SV one but I have to finish these first!!). :)

Day 27 - A pairing that you loved and ended up hating?

Usually when I like a ship, I tend to stick with them. There have been a few, like Chloe/Jimmy, which I really liked in the beginning but grew tired of later on. But the one I chose is going to make me pretty unpopular but hey, when have I ever cared about that?

And there it is. Clex. Oh yeah, I went there. It's practically canon! I started watching in s4 and I saw the vibes between MR & TW immediately. When I caught up with the earlier seasons, I fell for them hard. It was better than any of the het ships, IMHO (other than Clois, of course). I remember watching 'Reckoning' in S5 and looking for Lex at Jonathan's funeral. And in s6, I still shipped them (this was all pre-fandom; I got my fic at the SSA &, though the latter didn't have much). I wanted fic where Lex remembers his time as Zod and even in 'Static', I wanted an AU fic where Clark comes in and declares his love to Lex and he overhears it all. Never got that one, btw. But in s6, I also found a new love ... Oliver. I fell for Clark/Oliver in 'Arrow' and never stopped loving them. As s6 continued, I found it harder to like Lex and therefore, harder to ship Clex. Fanfic seems to portray Ollie unfairly too, which pissed me off, cuz seriously? They were my new OTP, the first one to actually surpass Clois. People who make Ollie pathetic make me want to bang my head against a wall. A guy like Oliver Queen would never play second fiddle to Lex Luthor, thank you very much. That's why I stopped reading fic for them completely and nowadays, I don't ship them at all. While I look back on early seasons fondly, and can squee over it upon rewatch, now I just can't muster any interest in them. No offense to the Clexers on my flist ... this is just how I feel. :\

And the music meme!

Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty

Probably Change by Carrie Underwood.
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