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more songs!!!

Thanks to boltgirl426, I have more songs (#6-9 is her!)! And thanks to evol_jellybaby, I have some possibilities for the cover art! don't they rock or what? :) :D

1. Far Away- Nickelback

2. If You Ask Me To- Celine Dion (don't ask; I just imagine Oliver not wanting to love after his parents death but Clark changing that)

3. It's Not Over- Daughtry (my story is based off this song)

4. Need to be Next to You- Leigh Nash

5. Memories- Within Temptations

6. L-O-V-E- Michael Buble

7. Call Me Irresponsible- Michael Buble

8. I'm Your Man- Michael Buble

9. Home- Michael Buble

10. I Call it Love- Lionel Richie

11. Everything- Lifehouse

12. This Will be An Everlasting Love- Natalie Cole

13. Shine- Clay Aiken

14. Come What May- Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor

Yay! I've made it longer! If anyone has anything to add, let me know!! This is fun. :D
Tags: fandom: smallville, playlist, ship: clark/oliver
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