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30 Days of Smallville Meme Day 1!!

I am (finally) doing the 30 days of Smallville meme! Better late than never, right? Here we go!

Day 01- Favorite Character

Clark Kent! I don't think anyone should be surprised at this one. It used to be really close between Clark, Lois and Oliver, but in s8, when I got really upset at how people were treating Clark, that's when I realized that he is and always will be my favorite. Tom and his portrayal (and his undeniable gorgeousness) is what has kept me hooked to the show for all this time. No, Clark's not perfect, but neither are all the other characters (and I will laugh in your face if you tell me that any single character on the show has done no wrong). He does the best that he can, he's loyal, he has good morals (which he needs, with his powers ... someone with his abilities can't afford to be in the gray), he tries to see the good in people, and he fights for what he believes in.

What I've really come to understand is that just because we know his destiny doesn't mean he does. Just like any of us, he's trying to figure out where he belongs in the world and he's really shown a lot of growth since season 1. I am enjoying watching his journey to becoming Superman.

And yes, it may be silly to get so worked up over a fictional character but I get obsessive! It's in my nature and I do it about everything that I really like. Clark's one half of my SV OTP (both the het one and the slash one) and I love him to pieces! <3

Day 02- Least Favorite Character
Day 03- Favorite Episode
Day 04- Episode You Hated
Day 05- Favorite Season
Day 06- Favorite Canon Ship
Day 07- Favorite Fanon Ship
Day 08- Favorite Fight Scene
Day 09- Most Heroic Moment/Scene
Day 10- Favorite excuse for Clark "disappearing" or appearing out of nowhere
Day 11- Favorite story arc
Day 12- Best Climax
Day 13- Most Emotional Scene
Day 14- Worst Character Death
Day 15- Best comic book hero introduction to Smallville
Day 16- Best Villain
Day 17- Worst Villain
Day 18- Best Friendship
Day 19- Funniest Moment
Day 20- OMG WTF?! Moment
Day 21- Your guilty pleasure ship
Day 22- Best Quote
Day 23- Favorite minor character (i.e. only been in 1-3 episode)
Day 24- Favorite mythos moment
Day 25- Something you think Smallville did better than comics canon
Day 26- Scene that was the most aesthetically pleasing/prettiest
Day 27- Favorite hospital scene
Day 28- Favorite music montage
Day 29- favorite Superman franchise actors who have guest-starred (Christopher Reeve, Helen Slater, Dean Cain etc.)
Day 30- Memory of your first time watching Smallville
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