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KSITE and SV 30 Day meme!

Hey everyone! I don't know if you've heard but the KSITE voting results are up! Tom won Best Actor, Erica Best Actress, Clark Favorite Character and Clark/Lois got Best Couple (with a whopping 67% of the vote! :D :D :D). If you want to see the rest of the results, go to the news section and it'll be the first article. :)

Now it's Day 2 of the Smallville meme!

Day 02- Least Favorite Character

Yup, it's Lana Lang. I know, way to be obvious, but there it is. I think Lana is a character that actually held a lot of potential in early seasons. When I rewatch, I don't find her so bad. In fact, I even sympathize with her. She had her moments of being irritating, but overall, she just seemed like someone who was trying to find their place in the world. She and Clark had chemistry and were actually cute. For instance, there's that scene in an early season episode where Clark and Lana decide they want to scream so they do. SO adorable and funny! Also, she tried to be a good friend, and if she did something wrong, people didn't hesitate (even Clark!) to call her out for it (e.g. season 1, "Hug").

Later seasons, though she just was badly written, between her demands for everyone's secrets and her hypocrisy. After season 5, I just couldn't take her anymore, especially with the way she treated Clark. Both of them made mistakes in that relationship but the fact she ran into the arms of his ex-best friend made me shake my head (though Lexana had the potential to be way more interesting than Clana, if they hadn't decided to make Lex such a wimp and go with that fake baby plot).

I actually prefer Lana more when she's being evil, like in early season 6, when she threatened the doctor. But the writers kept justifying everything she did, and making her look like the victim.

Season 7 was definitely her worst season though, as she did nothing but constantly prove how little she knew Clark and how wrong they were for one another. In s8, she wasn't that bad, though 'Power' and 'Requiem' were downright terrible. I don't understand why she thought she needed powers, and it's like she didn't learn her lessons from 'Wrath'.

To end this short essay, if KK has to come back, I only hope it's for one episode, at the end. I have enough faith in Tom as a producer to believe that they won't return to Clana. I don't think Lana would be bitter that Clark has Lois, and I hope that they can all handle it maturely. Lois/Lana have a much better relationship than they do in the comics and let's not forget that Lana called Clois first, way back in s4. So yes, it's stupid to have hope, but I've always been optimistic.
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