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SV meme day 3!

It's Day 3 of the Smallville meme!

Day 03- Favorite Episode

Just one? Oh man, but there are so many that I love. Plus, I haven't even seen s9 so I'm missing 22 episodes. But that's probably a good thing. I don't need any more choices! All right, I got one. Not sure if it's the best out there but I loved it!

It's 8.07 "Identity"! I really loved that episode. I was thinking of "Justice" but this was more Clark-centric. It had everything that I could ask for- sneaky, reporter!Lois, Ollie getting back on the right track, awesome!Jimmy and of course, a perfect Clark!

I loved how Jimmy realized Clark was the Blur and how he was so supportive. He was even a great friend of Clark at the end. THIS is the Jimmy that I wanted to see more of, not the drugged up one who was stuck in love triangle after love triangle, which never felt very realistic for his character.

Lois fooled us all with Sebastian. I was so excited when I found out that she knew all along who he was and was not interested in him romantically. I laughed when she talked about the fortune teller. Smallville is not at all subtle, but I love them anyway. And the zip-up scene with her and Clark? *sighs happily* The last scene with the two of them, when she's all determined to get the story was also priceless.

Also, Ollie was himself again (at least temporarily) and I had hope. When he was all "who I really am is Green Arrow", I was happy. Plus, Clark and his phone conversation was so funny. They had some good moments in this episode. Oh, my OTP! How I adore you both!

Last but not least, Clark. I loved how he realized that people were not afraid of someone with powers (as he watched everyone in awe of who they thought was the Blur). The expression on his face was very telling; it was like he was opening his eyes to new possibilities. &hearts

Overall, a very made of win episode!
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