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Day 4 of the SV meme

And it's another day of the Smallville 30 Day Meme.

Day 04- Episode You Hated

It's a tie for this one!

That's right: it's between 8.13 "Power" and 8.14" Requiem". I have no idea how a season that started out so good when so bad. There have been a lot of episodes I have hated before season 8 (such as that failure of an episode, 'Promise' and a bunch in season 7), but none of them bring out as much anger in me as these two did.

Let's start with 'Power'. I was upset Lana was back, but 'Legion' and 'Bulletproof' were overall pretty good episodes. So I started to think the new people knew what they were doing. This episode smashed all the good feelings I had. Not only did Lana get abilities, proving that she didn't learn anything from 'Wrath', but the end scene pisses me off to no end. They had a rooftop kiss with a DP globe in the background! WTF? That's a CLOIS thing. I literally saw red and felt like screaming. FAIL.

And onto 'Requiem', the episode that actually reduced me to tears. Not only was the Clana stupid, but they had that fake Lex, and Ollie become a murderer. The latter was what I was most upset about. I swear, I had never gotten so emotional (I was torn between heartbreak and fury) over an episode before. Not to mention the stupid Clana ending ... when they separated, I wanted them it to be a mutual realization that they are no longer at the stage of their lives where they can make it work, not some tragic separation. I am pretty sure I hated everything about this episode.

Thank God Lois came back in the next one ('Infamous'). At least if I had to deal with Tori Spelling, I had her to make things better. She always does. &hearts
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