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SV Meme Day 4!

It's Day 4! I am thinking that this may go more than 30 days though, because I am so tempted to do all the alternatives, lol. :D

Day 05- Favorite Season

It's season 4! I know that it's probably a surprise, but I did love that season. Not just because that was the first one I saw. It had Lois's arrival, Chlo-Lo, and tons of Clois banter! I even liked the character of Jason (Jensen Ackles &hearts) and I thought he was cute with Lana. There were some wacky plots, I agree, but there was the funniest episode of Smallville ever (IMO anyway), 'Spirit'. "Crown's mine, bitch!" That still makes me LOL. Clark and Lex had their issues, but back then it wasn't over Lana. Also, to add to the awesomeness, 'Crusade' was the last time we saw Clark fly. Hopefully we get to see it again in s10! :D
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