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Smallville Meme Day 6!

It's Day 6 of the Smallville meme!

Day 06- Favorite Canon Ship

It's Clark/Lois! Aren't you shocked? LOL Like I've said, I started watching the show in s4 and I fell in love with Clark/Lois immediately. I just loved the banter and I could definitely see the chemistry between Tom & Erica. They were fun, and snarky and just shone together on screen. Lois brought out a side a new side of Clark. People can say that she was tough on him, but he gave it back just as good as she shot it out. And Lois LIKED that.

Even though they argued, they were always there for each other. Lois understood Clark, even without knowing about his powers/secret. I still think one of their most powerful scenes was when she stopped him from killing in 'Pariah'.

Clark and Lois are probably the one ship that have been constantly progressing. They had a love/hate relationship in s4 (they argued but at the same time, flirted, like in the 'Facade' dunk tank scene). In s5, they became slightly closed in while still arguing (e.g. 'Oracle' piggybank conversation and Clark definitely couldn't take his eyes off of her when he saw her naked! ;D). By season 6, they had slight attraction for each other ('Hydro' kiss & Clark in 'Crimson'). Even though they had a low number of scenes in s7, what they had was gold and they let each other in completely (Clark comforting Lois after her break-up with Ollie and Lois reciprocating in 'Arctic'). And we finally saw them develop real feelings for one another in s8, and long last, in s9, they got together! See? Progress!

So, I don't care what anyone says about Clark or Lois. They're my het OTP in Smallville, and I believe that Tom and Erica have given us this generation's Clark & Lois. :)
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