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SV Meme Day 7!

It's another day for the Smallville meme.

Day 07- Favorite Fanon Ship

Without a doubt, it's Clark/Oliver, my overall OTP for Smallville. I love my boys so much and I have since 6.04 "Arrow". I thought their first scene was funny but by the final barn scene, I was totally shipping them.

I kept searching for fics, as the episodes progressed, but I was sad to only see a handful of fics. That's why I started writing my own and it's the reason I created an account at LJ.

I ship Clark/Oliver, because they're just awesome characters and even better together. They do fight a lot nowadays but they care for one another. I remember in 'Rage', when Ollie admitted to wanting to be more like Clark and how he wouldn't give up on trying to save him in 'Odyssey'. As for Clark, he never gives up on Ollie (e.g. 'Echo'), no matter what he does. The two of them have amazing chemistry as well. For all of Ollie's faults, he has never demanded Clark's secret, and I applaud him for that. He obviously knows it though and while I wish we could've seen that scene, I am glad that he's in his trusted circle.

Even though I've tried to quit them, I seriously can't. I'll just see a cute scene and fall back in love all over again. They're not the most popular ship and they probably never will be, but that doesn't change the fact that I love them the most of all. &hearts&hearts&hearts
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