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Day 6 of Clark/Oliver Week

Day 6 of Clark/Oliver week and it's almost the end. I can't believe on my last vid post, i forgot to add the clips from Reunion! I feel so silly. And also, today is the day of the arts. Do you want a nice Clark/Ollie icon?

There are so many people around who are great at making stuff and I want to link you to some of the brilliant ones.

So here they are! Enjoy!


OMG! Ollie's expression in this one is so priceless. :D

And if anyone can link me that last barn scene, that would be a great addition. I can't seem to find it but if you do, please let me know. Because that was very cute. :)

Onto to the icons.

I'm not posting any actual icons here but i will post the links to where you can get some good oliver icons and some great clark/oliver ones.

My default icon (the black & white Clark/Oliver one) was made by the lovely chaotic4life. If you go to her journal, creativity4life, she has some great ones.

Another good place to go is here:

Second from bottom post has some good Collie icons. My Clark dreaming of Oliver was made by iconaddict and that's her post where I found the icon in the first place.

Again if anyone has anything to add, let me know! :D
Tags: fandom: smallville, pairings, ship: clark/oliver, week 1
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