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SV Meme Day 15!

Okay, it's still Sunday in my time zone so I totally made it!

Day 15- Best comic book hero introduction to Smallville

Are you even surprised? No matter how many issues I've had with Oliver (and trust me, I've had a couple), he's still my favorite comic book hero that they've introduced (though J'onn is probably a very close second, lol!). I didn't know Green Arrow, since I haven't read the comics but my shallow side did appreciate him when I first saw him in 'Sneeze'. I think that his moral ambiguity in the beginning was probably foreshadowing how his character would always be, though I didn't see it that way then. I was just worried he was a bad guy (a hot bad guy but a bad guy nonetheless), and when he flirted with Lois in 'Wither', I wanted to hate him. But he continued to win me over with his good looks and his charm and even his imperfections. No, he's not perfect, and yes, I've wanted to punch him before (if Clark did it, I would forgive him and I think it'd help us both move on!) yet he's human. He has his good days and his bad days and his doubts. And in some ways, his flaws make me appreciate Clark even more, as crazy as that sounds. At the end of the day, I know that Ollie'll come back, and be the character I first fell in love with.

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Day 02- Least Favorite Character
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Day 04- Episode You Hated
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Day 15- Best comic book hero introduction to Smallville
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Day 25- Something you think Smallville did better than comics canon
Day 26- Scene that was the most aesthetically pleasing/prettiest
Day 27- Favorite hospital scene
Day 28- Favorite music montage
Day 29- favorite Superman franchise actors who have guest-starred (Christopher Reeve, Helen Slater, Dean Cain etc.)
Day 30- Memory of your first time watching Smallville

Other potential replacements:
- favorite end montage
- favorite "someone looking at two people from the outside" scene
- favorite Superman quote used in the show
- favorite use of the S shield (to narrow it down, you might want to discount the Blur costume and all the calling cards in S9)
- favorite Clark save
- worst parent on the show ever
- favorite El/Kryptonian other than Clark
- scenes and shots that you think best represent and focused on Smallville as the hometown of a future Superman
- favorite reveal of The Secret
- favorite performance/scene of a character getting possessed
- Least favorite Plot (story arc)
- Craziest plot/episode/scene
- Strangest/Weirdest Villian/Character
- Character that died too soon
- Character that should've died sooner
- Most annoying character
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