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Day 7 of Clark/Oliver Week

Today is Day 7, the final day of Clark/Oliver week. I hope the Collie loving part of my flist enjoyed this. :D In a few hours, I will make a post saying who is my next pairing of choice. :D

But right now, it's still Collie time. To close out this week, I want all your opinions. Fill out a little questionaire for me. I know, I am not providing anyone entertainment but maybe this will get you thinking about Clark/Oliver. :D

So here are a few questions:

1) When & why did you first get into Clark/Ollie?

2) What is your favorite Clark & Oliver scene on the show?

3) Have you written Clark/Oliver or are you considering writing them? If so, what have you written pertaining to the couple?

4) What if your favorite Clark/Ollie fic?

5) Anything else you want to share?

Here are my answers (if you cared):

1) I got into Clark/Ollie after I saw Arrow. I fell in love with Oliver right after Sneeze. i didn't care if he was evil, he was HOT. And that scene with Lionel was to die for.

2) My favorite Clark/Ollie scene was probably Clark meeting the Green Arrow. I really love Oliver's expressions in that one. Totally awesome

3) Yes, of course I have written Clark/Ollie. It's practically all I write. Okay, it is all I write. ;) But I haven't heard any complaints so far.

4) I made a list of my favorite Clark/Ollie fics but the one I love most is "I Got You Under My Skin" by boltgirl426.

5) Nope, other than they're my OTP! Clark/Ollie forever. I'm waiting for Ollie to return mid season. Hopefully, he won't leave too soon and we'll get some nice scenes with our boys.

Now, you have my answers. Let me know yours! :)

Thanks for sticking with me on this first week! :D
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