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It's day 13 of my female character meme. I'm a little late posting today, but between hanging out with my friend and the Smallville watch, I got a little distracted. I've never tweeted as much as I have these past two days though! :D

Day 13: Martha Kent

Out of the two Kent parents, I preferred Martha. With a few exceptions, she was a great mother to Clark. I don't think he could've asked for better. Annette was the perfect choice, IMO. You have to be a strong woman to take in an alien child and raise him, while trying to make sure the wrong people don't notice him. Clark is as good as he is because the right people raised him. The summer after s3, she had to deal with the fact her husband was in a coma and her son was missing. Still, she didn't break. It was a mother's love that brought back Clark in 'Crusade'. I love how strong she is and admire her greatly. I can't wait to watch her episode in s9 and I hope we see her again in s10.

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Day 13: Martha Kent
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