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Day 1 of Clark/Lois Week

Week 2 is here and it is Clark/Lois week. 7 days of that lovely ship known as Clois.

As most of you know (or should by now), my OTP is Collie. But before Oliver Queen came to Smallville, a spunky brunette whose name we all recognized arrived in Season 4. Tom and Erica's chemistry made me a Clois fan from the moment I saw her. :)

Today, we shall start off the week with something a little different. I want to share with you my favorite videos of Clois. Note episode scenes, just fan made videos. :) Enjoy!

I don’t care how many people criticize her, I love Erica Durance. No, she can’t be compared to some of the other versions of Lois but I’ll tell you one thing: she’s a hell of a lot better than Kate Bosworth. :\

It’s the fact that she isn’t perfect that may be what I love about her. She’s the Lois Lane pre-Daily Planet. It’s kind of like how TW’s Clark is pre-Superman Clark and you can’t compare him to say, Christopher Reeve. ED has Lois having this rude, brash attitude but you can still see she has her insecurities. Besides, she and Tom look hot together. ;) One of the lovely people on my flist mentioned she’s the right height for Tom and I completely agree!

Now onto the videos! The names on there is the user names of the people who created the videos.

"Over You" by wishingonastar

"She Is" by wishingonastar

this one is cool, it's a fake trailer for smallville

they place in the middle of season 8, ep 15. it's called "Revelations" and it's by marisch

"Wherever You Will Go" by kelleyh (read the summary first on this one)

"Is This Love" by Damara531

If anyone has anything to add, please let me know! :) I would love to know what your fav clois vids are too. :D</lj>
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