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There is a challenge over at scifiland to create your own TV show. Here's mine (warning for canon homosexual relationships).

In the year 3010, the world is facing the apocalypse, torn apart by war, greed and selfishness. Dr. Damien Pierce is a scientist who has just finished his biggest invention yet, the time machine. He thinks that if he can go back 100 years, he can fix the problem and save the world. But people with their own motivations come after him. Barely escaping with his life into the time machine, he accidentally travels 1000 years, back to 2010. Now he's stuck in a world he doesn't recognize. To make matters worse, his time machine seems to have vanished. Everyone has their own motivations and time is running out. And the future is changing every minute Damien is stuck in the past.

Tom Welling is Dr. Damien Pierce, a good-hearted, brilliant scientist whose goal to save the world in the only way he can. Orphaned at a young age, he was taken in by a scientist, who taught him everything he knew. After his caretaker was murdered, Damien took over. Though he’s successful, he’s also very lonely. He's trapped in 2010 after a time travel attempt goes wrong and he wants nothing more than to find his time machine so he can go home. But he didn't think that he would like it in 2010 and never expected to fall in love. Nor does he realize that he didn't come alone.

Justin Hartley is Tristan Durante, a no-nonsense author and political activist. He prides himself on thinking with his head and not his heart. Though he's bisexual, he tends to lean toward men. But after having his heart broken once, he's no longer interested in relationships, claiming that there are more important things than love and happy endings are nothing more than a fairly tale. Then he runs into Dr. Damien Pierce. Though he's suspicious, his instincts tell him Damien's genuine when he claims he wants to find his way home. What possesses Tristan to help him, he doesn’t know. Despite the fact he's immediately attracted to this beautiful stranger with too many secrets, he is determined to keep things professional. However, that's easier said than done.

Erica Durance is Margaret Durante, Tristan's younger sister. They share a last name, but that's where the similarities end. Opposites in both looks and personalities, Margaret is a big believer of fate and happily-ever-after, which is why her job as a wedding planner suits her perfectly. She can see something between Damien and Tristan immediately, but truth be told, all she wants is her brother to be happy, and she can't help but worrying Damien might break Tristan's heart. In the meanwhile, she runs into her own Prince Charming, a man by the name of Lucas Gold. He is sweeping her off her feet, and seems too good to be true. Is he? Then, there's also the fact she's growing very irritated with the new woman trying to get close to Brian.

Christian Bale is Brian Gates, a high profile lawyer and Margaret's childhood best friend. He's been in love with her since they were kids, but she has never seen him as anything but a friend. They bicker constantly, but he's the one who knows her best. Though he’s confident, charming, handsome and intelligent, he hasn’t had much luck in the love department, which is why he tends to stick with short affairs than real relationships. His sharp instincts tell him Damien is more than what he says he is and might need to be protected. Brian also doesn’t trust Lucas, the new guy wooing Margaret, and believes that he is not as good as he seems.

Preston Jones is Lucas Gold, a ruthless assassin who is good at his job. Born into a family of assassins, he was taught at a young age to fight and handle multiple weapons. His loyalties lie to the highest bidder. But most of all, he has a strong sense of self-preservation, which is how he’s survived through all the chaos. On the outside, he’s handsome and can charm information out of people like no other, but inside is a heart of ice, which won’t thaw for anyone, not even his own family. Lucas followed Damien back from 3010, and his mission is to make sure he never gets home.

Reese Witherspoon is Megan Gold, Lucas's older sister. Devious and manipulative, she has beauty and brains and knows how to use work both. Her parents favored Lucas when she was growing up, since he was a boy, so she had to work twice as hard to get noticed. The lack of attention only made her work harder, and by the time she was 16, she was a 3rd degree black belt, and fluent in multiple languages. Her current job involves working with Lucas and for their boss, a man only referred to as 'Master X'. However, she is her own woman and has her plans that she will share with no one. While she pretends ‘Master X’ has her utmost devotion, she has motivations to kill Damien all on her own.

Milo Ventimiglia is Joseph Bryant, an out of work writer looking for the next big story. Ever since he was a kid, he has wanted to be a reporter, but the popularity of the internet has put many newspapers out of business, and Joseph hasn’t had much luck, since his former paper laid him off. He’s always been all about the facts, and dismisses stuff like ‘time travel’ and ‘aliens’ as things that belong in the movies. But as he struggles to meet his rent, he realizes he may have to expand his horizons. What he wants is a sensational story to get back into the business and he thinks he may have found it with Damien.
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