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Late Review of "Kara"

I am sorry, I know it is way late but I didn't get around to watching the entire episode until yesterday. If any of you remember my complaining last Thursday, I was in the middle of watching the show and that's when the idiots in my residence building decided to have a fire drill. I missed the entire second half of the show!

But I finally watched it. Thank you mssullivan who was so prompt in finding me a site where i could download it! You're completely awesome! :)

So here are my thoughts, if anyone still cares.

The beginning was very cool. Clois all the way! I mean, she was actually sad to see him go. :) Totally rocked. I knew Lois discovered the spaceship and then Kara came out of nowhere. She was kind of grumpy there, wasn't she? And she rocketed off; poor Clark didn't know what hit him!

That whole scene at the Daily Planet infuriated me. Grant is an asshole. I mean, I loved Oliver from the minute I saw him (corny yes but it's the complete truth). His scene with Lionel was just *bravo*. And he was soo hot and that completely helped. But Grant? What a loser. They really shouldn't have cast Michael Cassidy for the role. He's 22 and he looks it. If they plan to put him in a relationship with Lois, he won't look good with her.

Besides, he tries the whole intimidation routine and it so doesn't work. He's way too baby faced. :\ But the way he treated Chloe was unacceptable. i wanted to smack him. So not a good impression.

I don't know why people are ranting on Lois on this one. I mean, seriously, she did go up to him and defend her. Sure she didn't make the smartest decisions in this episode but really, she's not perfect nor has she ever pretended to be.

What I hate about Smallville lately is the way they're ruining Lois and Chloe's relationship. They had such a good bonding and Lois really does love her cousin. But the dumb writers are killing it. :(

It's like they have something against Lois too, the way they're making people hate her. I love Erica Durance and I love Lois so this is all killing me.

That last scene, when Lois gets a job at the DP, I was like "WTF". It's Lois Lane and her entrance into the Daily Planet should've been more spectacular. She wasn't supposed to get in on a story that was never published. On aliens of all things! *is frustrated* Then again, a lot of her claim to fame is her articles on Superman. :\

However, Kara is better than I thoughts she would be. I guess when you go into the show having no expectations, you really can't be disappointed. :D

Of course, Clark's reaction when he found out that she was his cousin was pretty hilarious. I don't know why she was parading around in Superman boots though. Kind of strange.

Lex was just lame. I don't know what is wrong with him. The stupid woman faked her death and framed you, asshole! I mean, and he's all "you're so brilliant". *stars in his eyes* LAME, LAME, LAME. I was screaming when I saw that scene. In my mind, he's plotting revenge and just acting this way to get her to lower her guard. :\ Or maybe he figures she's not worth the effort. Whatever your take on it.

Lana was pretty badass, with the clone and everything. And when that didn't work, she led Lex right to her. I was mildly impressed. But I swear, if someone doesn't see how manipulative she is this season, I WILL go to Vancouver and deal with those dumb writers myself. I'm sick of her getting to be this total bitch and everyone treating her like a princess. It's boring and overdone and needs to end NOW.

Clark was the one I truly loved. Tom is doing such a great job this season. I mean, Clark was completely Superman. When he was getting Kara to focus . . . absolutely beautiful. And on a side note, who didn't love the scene where he defended Chloe to Kara? *raises hand*

Okay, back to the Superman. He was awesome! The ending scene where he tells Kara to be his memory, I was like "awww". I loved Kara's description of Clark's mother and just that entire conversation. Maybe she won't be so bad after all.

Overall, pretty good episode. I think season 7 is okay. But then again, Lana returns next week and we get Clana back. So I'm not making any assumptions too soon.
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