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pimping a cool post

I saw this post both on sv_ledger  and on my flist. skuf  asks Which 10 SV fics - and/or 5 SV vids - would you save from annihilation?

I thought it was a very interesting post. The comments will be screened until Saturday so nobody can influence each other. But I strongly encourage you to go throw in your two cents.

That way, at the end, we'll have everyone's favorite SV fics and a lot of lovely stories to read! :)

  • fic: not saying goodbye

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  • fic: misery loves company

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  • fic rec: clark kent is dead (clark-centric, clark/lois)

    Title: Clark Kent is Dead Author: brokenhighways Fandom: Smallville Pairing/Characters: Clark Kent, Clark/Lois Rating: Unrated Word Count:…

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