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smallville 10.01 'Lazarus' review

So I finished season 9 today, with 30 mins to spare. I swear, I watched 8 episodes today. It was intense. But it was also worth it, because I was ready for season 10. It's my first episode review in a year and a half. Don't expect much.

I have to say, I LOVED it. 'Lazarus' was everything I hoped for. It was intense, emotional and just had me glued to my TV. There were some good parts, some parts parts and others that made me go "WTF" but I have to say, I'm really excited for the season.

I don't want to go into the review scene by scene, because I probably can't accurately do that anymore, so I'll just go with what I liked and what I didn't.

The Good:

The opening credits. It was exciting to see Erica right behind Tom. I am really happy that Erica got 22 episodes this season, because I think she deserves it. She's fantastic as Lois, and it makes me glad that I don't have to guess which episodes she will/won't be in this season.

Speaking of Erica, I loved Lois in this episode. She was pretty entertaining with her whole scene in the desk and the pen, giving Clark a way out. Also, how happy am I that it was Lois who found Clark and pulled the blue k knife out of his chest? That was just brilliant! Erica does emotions really well, and she always makes me feel what she's feeling. She IS a good actress, and Lois is a wonderfully flawed character. I love her and so does Clark. &hearts

Clark was also fantastic in this episode. I hate to mention our hero second, but he's always first for me. I have really enjoyed watching him grow from a shy farmboy who wasn't sure what he wanted out of his life to a hero that the world can depend on. He made the greatest sacrifice last season ... he was even willing to leave the only home he knows just to protect it from destruction. Yes, that's my Superman. Tom gets a lot of flack, but it's tough being Clark. I can always imagine that it's easier playing the overdramatic role than the calm one. Tom's acting has matured just like Clark's and if you look closely, you can see those transitions. I like how Clark stood up to Jor-El, and his talk with his father. His conversation with Chloe was also nice.

Also, how cool was Clark saving Lois from the crucifix and then going on to catch the Daily Planet Globe? That scene was shot very well, and it just seemed awesome. I was sitting at the edge of my seat.

But the Clois was awesome! I loved the hug and the talk. Lois saying that her kiss with the Blur was so good and Clark's little smile? Priceless! You know Clark was sad when he found out she was gone. I love that Lois took the picture of the two of them (which was super cute btw) with her! I like the Clois parallel of having Clark strung up with an 'S' on his chest in the first episode of the first season and having Lois in the same position in the first episode of the last season. There are a lot of Clois parallels, if you watch for it. For instance, Lois started investigating to find out what happened to Chloe. The same way, Clark started saving people by saving those close to him. Eventually, both of them saw they loved what they do and branched out on a larger scale. Maybe I'm stretching, but I don't think so.

I was happy to see John Schneider back, and I felt that his scene was Clark was one of the best in the episode. His advice was very good, and their talk touched my heart. I feel Clark needed an outlet, someone to talk to, and I'm glad that he was able to vent his feelings with his father. Last season, I was not impressed with how Clark handled his interactions with some people, especially Tess. Him being so violent was troubling to see and I am glad he was able to address that, even though he didn't mention specifics. It seemed that JS has multiple episodes so I have no idea how they're going to bring him back again, since I figured he was a ghost in this episode. I guess we'll have to wait and see?

Oliver's ST was limited, but even tortured, he managed to be shirtless, which greatly amused me. I don't have much to say on him, because there wasn't much that he did. I put him in what I liked because I still like Oliver, and I love Justin.

The whole plot with Chloe being the next Dr. Fate was short-lived ... I wonder if she'll put on the helmet again later? I was kinda looking forward to seeing how that one played out, but I guess it didn't really mess with her mind yet. Though her sacrifice for Oliver was intense ... I did like the shoulder bump when they were passing each other.

Another person I was happy to see was Tess. I love Cassidy and it's cool that she's been healed. Her interacting with Alexander was interesting to see.

The Bad

The Fortress was probably my biggest target in this episode. I hated the AI. Every time I think they're improving it, they only make it worse. What was with the whole lecture it gave Clark? I really think that thing is corrupted, because it's generally useless. Either it's physically harming Clark or the ones he loves or it's emotionally abusive. I really think it's corrupted and I wish that they would devote part of an episode to just fixing it. It was a relief to see only the suit entrapped in crystals at the end and not Clark.

The WTF?

The clones, especially the one 'evil' clone who killed the rest. To say that he wasn't MR was an understatement. I liked how Clark went, "where's the real Lex?" Because I was wondering the same thing. This guy had no charisma, and didn't impress me in the least. When he was talking to Lois, I was tuning out, TBH. I just couldn't handle how bad it was! Fortunately, he didn't stay long. No more Lex clones please? Either get MR or don't bother with Lex. I don't want to see him recast. >:(


Like I said, I enjoyed it. It was a solid start to the season. I'm probably missing something, especially since I was on Twitter while watching, but I'm sure I got all the important stuff. Can't wait for next week!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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