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sv/dcu fic recs!

You know one great thing about being caught up with Smallville? I can read fics and actually know what's going on! Yay! It's been a while since I've made a real rec post (meaning, something that has more than 3 or 4 links) and pretty long since I recc'd anything. But I've found some awesome fics, a couple new, a few a little older, and I want to share them with you.

There's a variety of ships, from Clark/Lois & Chloe/Oliver to Lois/Tess to Clark/Bruce & Lois/Bruce. Enjoy!

1. By the Sea IV: Clambake by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, Dick/Roy, Steve/Diana)- This was a part of her By the Sea series, which I really love. The three couples enjoy some time at a beach cottage to get some relaxation and rest. Her writing is always amazing and never fails to leave me in awe. This fic is no exception. Lovely descriptions, a nice plot and some great fluff is enough to leave you in a good mood.

2. The Chase by sarcastic_fina (Chloe/Oliver, NC-17, AU)- She always writes amazing Chlollie, but I think she outdid herself with this one. It's an AU where Ollie's an FBI agent and Chloe's the one he's after. There's banter, hot sex, and a great plot ... what more can you ask for? I loved this from from the get go and it stayed incredible throughout. If you're a Chlollie fan and you haven't read this, you're seriously missing out.

3. Flawed by phoenixnz (Clark/Bruce, G, SV/TDK)- A cute Clark/Bruce oneshot. I like how she had Clark & Bruce so balanced and perfect for each other. Reading about Bruce in Clark's POV was quite interesting, and she has a good grasp on their voices. Just all around lovely!

4. For Literature and Babies by iheartBL (Chloe, Lois, implied Chloe/Oliver & Clark/Lois, PG-13)- There's not a lot of Chlo-Lo fics out there so finding this made me happy. It has a pregnant!Lois, and Chloe, who just had her baby. There is a little bonding, and it's just a nice fic in general.

5. Full-Stop by saavikam77 (Lois/Bruce, PG-13, SV/TDK)- Lois is pregnant with Bruce's child. I like how she writes them- Bruce and Lois are sweet in their own way and her Lois just makes me laugh. Admit it, ED!Lois & CB!Bruce would be hot together.

6. Happy Like Us by TwistedSky (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, PG-13)- Happy in their own marriages, Chloe and Lois decide to play matchmaker for the rest of the League. Yeah, you know there's trouble involved but it's entertaining and has Chlo-Lo! You gotta love it, and if you give it a shot, I'm sure you will.

7. Incidental by CHAILYN (Clark/Oliver, Lana, PG-13)- Collie fics are so rare these days, and I was thrilled to find this gem! Oliver has a little verbal showdown with Lana (this is post-'Requiem' so she has the suit on), but he's the one who gets to go home to Clark. It has a sweet Clark/Ollie scene that makes me smile, and reminds me how much I love my boys together. :)

8. Interruptus by xenokattz (Clark/Lois, R)- Lois and Clark keep trying to have sex but are interrupted by something or the other. It's just hilarious. The dialogue is funny, and all the scenarios she comes up with amuse me to no end. Just all around brilliant!

9. Kryptonian's Best Friend by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, Ace, Alfred, PG-13)- She is definitely one of my favorite Clark/Bruce authors and this fic is an example of why. Clark takes care of Ace when Bruce has to go deep undercover. The Clark & Ace bonding is adorable. The dialogue is funny, and the whole fic is made of win!

10. Kryptonian Consort by phoenixnz (Clark/Lois, Kal/Lois, NC-17, AU, WIP)- This is an AU of 'Crusade', where Lois never takes Kal to the hospital and he recognizes her as his mate. Sounds interesting? It's even better! I really love how she writes Kal & Lois ... she really has their voices down, and I am thoroughly loving this fic.

11. Likewise by saavikam77 (Lois/Tess, NC-17)- I am convinced that there isn't a pairing in the world that this gal can't write well. This steamy Lois/Tess ficlet is bound to have you reaching for a glass of water. It's just ... wow. Hot, and in character and did I mention hot? Yeah, just read it.

12. Never Say Never by serafina19 (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Oliver, PG-13, AU, WIP)- Lois tells Oliver about her engagement to Clark, which makes him remember his own rejected proposal. Now he has to go back to Metropolis and face his ex. I like how she writes of them. It's hard to find a Chlollie fic these days, where they don't try to make Clark a jerk. This was one of them, and it was treat to find it. I have to catch up with the posted chapters, but I liked what I read so far.

13. Past Imperfect by EllaBlue (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, slight Chloe/Bruce, Oliver/Dinah, NC-17, AU, WIP)- This is one of those 'Clois kid goes back to the future', which made me skeptical at first, but I have to say: it's one of the best Clois fics I've ever read. The Clois kid, Cira, is absolutely precious, and love how she writes everyone, from Clark and Lois (in the past and present) to Chloe and the gang. For those of you who fear WIPs, it is almost over, with only a couple of chapters remaining. I just wish that she'd finish it, because I'm dying to read the ending.

14. Rose Colored Glasses by BlueSuedeShoes (Clark/Lois, PG)- She usually writes Chlollie (and excellent Chlollie at that) so imagine my surprise and delight when she posted something Cloisy! Clark gets an e-mail from Maddie (remember her from 'Fragile'?) and there's cute Clois banter. I loved that she included mentions of Maddie, a character I really liked, and the way she writes Clois is perfect. I could hear them in my head. Will definitely put a smile on your face.

15. Stop and Stare by ihearttvsnark (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Oliver, PG-13, AU)- This is an AU of 'Crossfire', where Lois convinced Chloe to go on her date for her, and there is no Lollie. It is really cute, and well written. There's Chlo-Lo, Chlollie, and Clois! The perfect trio, at least for me.

16. Trading Places by sxymami0909 (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13, spoilers)- This takes place during the 'Lazarus' scene ... you all know what I'm talking about. She does a good job of capturing the emotions of both Chloe & Oliver, and manages to completely break my heart in this oneshot. If you love Chlollie, you'll enjoy this for sure!

17. You Make Daddy Sick by mygyps17 (Clark/Lois, Clark/Lana, Chloe/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, PG-13, AU, WIP)- Another Clois kid gets sent back, but it's different at the same time. It's an AU of 'Bride', where Clois never almost kissed but Lana returned. Still awesome. I really like Jo'an (the Clois kid) who is written to be a lot like Lois. I swear, she writes all the characters so well, and I enjoy her Ollie a lot too. Bart's there too, which makes the fic even more enjoyable! Just read it. I don't think you'll regret it.

18. The Wish by phoenixnz (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- Set post-'Crossfire'. Clark is tired of the whole 'one step forward two steps back' deal when it comes to his relationship with Lois, and wishes something would change. It does. It's Clois smut, what more do you really want to know? Plus, there's banter too. She's great at getting Clark and Lois's voices down! I loved it a lot, and the end made me smile.

Remember, if you like something, make sure to leave a review so we can get more fic! Take care, everyone! :D
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