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Smallville 10.02 'Shield' Review

Another Friday, another Smallville!

I was trying to avoid Twitter before the episode, since I'm on the west coast. Last week, I was catching up with s9 so I was distracted but not tonight. I tried to tweet less too, but that didn't work out. At least this week I don't think I missed anything like I did with 'Lazarus', when I totally missed that Oliver was naked, lol.

I liked my good/bad/wtf format so I'll stick with that.

The Good

Clark. I love Clark. He's absolutely awesome. I like the way he defended Lois to Cat, and how he was brave enough to let Lois go, even though you can tell that he wanted nothing more to bring her home, even before he said it aloud. His interactions with everyone were great. It was obvious he didn't like Cat, especially with her bashing his alter ego, but he sympathized with her when he heard her story. At the end of the day, he has a good heart, and you have to love him. It was great how he sent Carter to check up on Lois though.

Speaking of Carter, I really enjoyed his character and Lois's interactions. Since all their scenes were together, I'm going to lump them together in the 'what I liked' section. They were a lot of fun together. Carter sending Clark the text about 'you owe me' when she started babbling? Priceless! I liked how open and honest he was, and how he brought the alcohol when he realized that she knew about Clark's powers. Also, him asking her not to tell Clark about the attempted kiss? WIN! He knows Clark well. ;)

Tess was good too. Her interactions with both Clark and Oliver were enjoyable to watch. I was glad that she and Clark can now talk peacefully, instead of all their interactions being so violent. I also liked that she helped Chloe because she trusted her, and told Oliver to do the same. I wonder what happened to Alexander though. There was no mention of that kid in this episode.

Btw, Oliver finding Rick and beating him up? Yeah, I know I shouldn't approve but I do. That guy stripped him naked and tortured him. He also assisted in torturing Chloe. Oliver didn't kill the guy. For that alone, he should be applauded. Everything else is perfectly fine.

Chloe faking her death and Smallville being upfront about it? Very good move. I wonder where she went though.

Clark and Lois didn't have any scenes together, but this episode had a lot of Clois references, which I always appreciate.

Also, Clark slowly getting to the costume? WIN! I like how he's changing it bit by bit, starting with the red leather jacket. It's very in character for him to test out a few costumes, while his real one is locked up with the AI. Also, the hair! Now we just need the curl. ;) (Though I have to admit, I burst out laughing when I first saw him. He really needs to update this costume fast. It's pretty ... yeah. Trying to stay positive in the 'good' section here)

The Bad

Cat Grant. Or rather, "Cat Grant", since that wasn't her real name. She was okay when she was all calm and talking about her son. Other than that, she just got on my last nerve. From insulting Lois to be a hero hater so just being so damn close minded? Her character was a pain. Also, the actress's voice kept going really high when she was freaking out. Made me want to bang my head against a wall. Hell, even Clark was visibly annoyed with her before he began to sympathize and you know it takes a special person to get him to act that way. Her best line was probably in her last scene, when she said, "We need a good old American hero in red white and blue." No, Smallville isn't exactly subtle but I love them anyway.

I want to know why characters who are replacing Clark and/or Lois at the Planet always end up as vigilante haters. It's getting kind of old.

Suicide Squad. Wow, what lame villains. Deadshot alone seems cool, but the other two? Especially Plastique, who I can't stand, even since she appeared first on this show? Pathetic. Though their plan on the tracking of the heroes was pretty impressive. Hopefully their arc doesn't go on too long though.


Good episode. I didn't put the Clark & Oliver scene in either 'good' or 'bad' because I was meh on it. It was intense, for sure, and I liked how Clark was calm in the whole encounter. You can't deny that they have chemistry. My boys are so pretty together, even when they're angry. I was yelling at the TV at some parts, but I liked it. Maybe I've gotten easier in that way.

Can't wait until next week! Feel free to share your thoughts.
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