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Yes, I need help. Don't judge. This one is for the verve_challenge and my claim was general Smallville series.

65 Lyrics
1. every night, you wrote another line with a bloody broken bottle/ every day, you wish it away... i wanted to believe as i watched your world crumbled in your hands... i wanted to believe you would win the war in your head that i did not understand - Suicide Note, Johnette Napolitano 2. this is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor/ this is the scent of quarantine wings in a hospital - Camisado, Panic at the Disco 3. we were seventeen and wild and we were jumpin' on/ the devil's bed - Let's Take A Drive, Kane 4. he drowns in his dreams, an exquisite extreme I know/ he's as damned as he seems and more Heaven than a heart could hold - Beautiful Disaster, Kelly Clarkson 5. so call me by somebody else's name/ tell me that i oughta be - gotta be ashamed/ the humiliation really gets me off/ don't care if you come just as long as you're on top - Abused, J. Englishman
6. cause when i'm all alone/ i lie awake and masturbate/ i love to hear the sounds you make - Come to Me, JC Chasez 7. you used to capitivate me/ by your resonating light/ now i'm bound by the life you left behind - My Immortal, Evanescence 8. my life's a bargain basement/ all the good shit's gone - Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, Bon Jovi 9. salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt/ our hearts littering the topsoil/ tune in and we can get the last call/ our lives, our coal - Bleed American, Jimmy Eat World 10. i really can't stay/ baby it's cold outside/ i've got to go away/ baby it's cold outside/ this evening has been/ been hoping you'd drop in - Baby, It's Cold Outside, Louis Armstrong
11. i wanted freedom/ bound and restricted/ i tried to give you up/ but i'm addicted - Time is Running Out, Muse 12. if i stay lucky, then my tongue will stay tied/ and i won't betray the things that i hide/ there's not enough years under this belt for me to admit the way that i felt - Lucky, Seven Mary Three 13. i hurt myself today/ to see if i still feel/ i focus all the pain/ the only thing that's real - Hurt, Nine Inch Nails 14. i made some big mistakes/ i can't take back yesterday/ it's too hard to live this way/ your heart is a million miles away - Million Miles Away, Adam Hood 15. my depth perception must be off again cause this hurts deeper than i thought it did/ it has not healed with time/ it just shot down my spine - Rest in Pieces, Saliva
16. and stranger than your sympathy/ take these things so i don't feel/ i'm killing myself from the inside out/ and now my head's been filled with doubt - Sympathy, Goo Goo Dolls 17. taking more than i've been given/ taking for granted this life i'm living - More Than I Deserve, Kane 18. fall into you is all i seem to do/ when i hit the bottle because i'm afraid to be alone - Because I Want You, Placebo 19. i'm drunk and now i'm so in love with you/ and i don't want to think about what we should or shouldn't do/ lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars/ while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car/ nothing quite like the feel of something new - The Only Time, Nine Inch Nails 20. sing like you think no one's listening/ you would kill for this, just a little bit - Existentialism on Prom Night, Straylight Run
21. pretty baby, don't you leave me/ i have been saving smiles for you/ pretty baby, why can't you see/ you're the one that i belong to? - Pretty Baby, Vanessa Carleton 22. cause it's always raining in my head/ forget all the things i should have said/ so i speak to you in riddles/ cause my words get in my way - Epiphany, Staind 23. pushing forward and arching back/ bring me closer to heart attack/ say goodbye and just fly away/ when you've come back, i have something to say - Sweetest Goodbye, Maroon 5 24. i just want to break you down so badly in the worst way... i'm gonna make damn sure that you can't ever leave, you won't ever get too far from me - Make Damn Sure, taking Back Sunday 25. i like your pants around your feet/ and i like the dirt that's on your knees/ and i like the way you still say please when you're looking up at me/ you're like my favorite damn disease - Figured You Out, Nickelback
26. you've been bad/ you know you've been good/ did you lose your mind, like i knew you would - Everybody Wants You, Josh Kelley 27. i would die for you/ i've been dying just to feel you by my side/ to know that you're mine/ i'd cry for you/ i'd wash away your pain with all my tears - #1 Crush, Garbage 28. i love the way you look at me/ i love the way you smack my ass/ i love the dirty things you do... - Control, Puddle of Mudd 29. i don't give a damn about my reputation/ never said i wanted to improve my station - Bad Reputation, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 30. had a bad day again/ said i would not understand/ left a note and said "i'm sorry, i had a bad day again" - Bad Day, Fuel
31. and maybe i'll find out/ a way to make it back someday/ to watch you, to guide you/ through the darkest of your days/ if a great wave should fall and fall upon us all/ then i hope there's someone out there who can bring me back to you - Wherever You Will Go, The Calling 32. all this time i've known you/ and never known your face - Gorecki, Lamb 33. save a horse, ride a cowboy - Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy), Big and Rich 34. she dreams a champagne dream/ strawberry surprise, pink linen on white paper, lavender and cream/ fields of butterflies, reality escapes her - Shimmer, Fuel 35. got myself a threadbare gypsy soul/ likes to dance and drink and go wherever the wind blows - Threadbare Gypsy Soul, Pat Green
36. why can't you love me?/ why can't you just be my girl?/ why's it all got to be so complicated if you really love someone?/ i know you don't really love me, baby, i guess that's alright/ at least i had my moment with you and i'll have that the rest of my life - Why Can't You Love Me?, Wade Bowen 37. help, i have done it again/ i have been here many times before/ hurt myself again today/ and the worst part is there's no one else to blame - Breathe, Sia 38. you'd better crawl on your knees/ the next time you say that you love me/ fall on your knees cause this time i won't be so kind/ can't you see that this is life and life is killing me? - Over, Evans Blue 39. it's just a simple line/ i can still hear it all of the time/ if i can just hold on tonight/ i know that no one, no one survives - Displaced, Azure Ray 40. my eyes feel like they're gonna bleed/ dried up and bulging out my skull/ my mouth is dry, my face is numb/ fucked up and spun out in my room/ on my own here we go - Brain Stew, Green Day
41. for you i bleed myself dry/ it's true/ look how they shine for you - Yellow, Coldplay 42. hey, man, i'm alive/ i'm taking each day a night at a time/ yeah i'm down, but i know i'll get by/ i've gotta live my life...feeling like a monday but someday i'll be saturday night - Someday I'll be Saturday Night, Bon Jovi 43. and i'm drowning, so come inside/ welcome to my filthy mind - Filthy Mind, Amanda Ghost 44. been dazed and confused for so long it's not true/ wanted a woman, never bargained for you - Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin 45. i'm teen distortion/ survived abortion/ a rebel from the waist down - Disposable Teens, Marilyn Manson
46. it doesn't matter what i want/ it doesn't matter what i need/ it doesn't matter if i cry/ it doesn't matter if i bleed - It Doesn't Matter, Alison Krauss 47. please bleed/ so i know that you are real/ so i know that you can feel/ the damage that you've done - Please Bleed, Ben Harper 48. and i wished for things that i don't need/ and what i chased won't set me free/ and i get scared but i'm not crawling on my knees - Sympathy, Goo Goo Dolls 49. my hands are searching for you/ my arms are outstretched towards you/ i feel you on my fingertips/ my tongue dances behind my lips for you - All Around Me, Flyleaf 50. you're something beautiful, a contradiction/ i wanna play the game/ i want the friction - Time is Running Out, Muse
51. i will be the dog at your feet/ and come along when you call... i'll be there to take the fall/ though you tread upon me for no reason at all - No. 1 Zero, Audioslave 52. the lights that move sideways and up and down/ the beat takes you over and spins you 'round - Out of Control, She Wants Revenge 53. i don't wanna know what you're about/ just want your dirty little mind and your dirty little mouth - Abused, J. Englishman 54. if i could bend the bands of time, if i could real it in/ and in the mirror, who is that looking back/ and i'm scared of whoever this is living in my skin/ how do i undo the damage i have done? - Damage I've Done, The Heads 55. it's all the same/ only the names have changed/ every day, it seems we're wasting away - Wanted, Bon Jovi
56. pain without love, pain i can't get enough/ pain, i like it rough/ cause i'd rather feel pain than nothing at all - Pain, Three Days Grace 57. our love was comfortable and so broken in - Comfortable, John Mayer 58. the worst is over now/ and we can breathe again/ i want to hold you tight and steal your pain away - Broken, Seether 59. i looked into your eyes/ they told me plenty i already knew - Plenty, Sarah McLachlan 60. dreams of war, dreams of liars/ dreams of dragon's fire/ and of things that will bite - Enter Sandman, Metallica
61. i'd chime in, "haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!"/ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality - I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Panic at the Disco 62. everyone is changing/ there's no one left that's real/ so make up your own ending/ and let me know just how your feel - Blurry, Puddle of Mudd 63. and i need you and i miss you and now i wonder/ if i could fall into the sky/ do you think time woud pass me by?/ cause you know i'd walk a thousand miles if i could just see you...tonight - A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carleton 64. can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk?/ i didn't mean to call you that/ i can't remember what was said or what you threw at me - My Own Worst Enemy, Lit 65. i made this bed/ i choose to lie in it/ live with my regrets/ sleep with what i said - Walk Away, Good Charlotte
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