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smallville 10.03 'supergirl' review

There was new Smallville tonight, as you all know. I saw it and here are my thoughts!

Overall, I was kinda of 'meh'. I had my points of squeeing (though they were few and far between), I yelled (a lot), and there were parts just made go "WTF?" IDK ... I think Kara's return in 'Bloodline' was much better handled than 'Supergirl'. But that's just me.

The Good:

The Clois reunion! It was probably my favorite scene in the entire episode. The way Lois surprised Clark and how he smiled when he saw her just made my shippery heart happy. And they hugged! It was just beautiful. I love how Clark was all stammering, but asked her if they were going to be partners. How can you not love them? I wanted to smish them both. Also, Lois's remark about Cat? WIN! Kind of wish I saw that confrontation. ;)

Lois & Oliver ... they were perfect. I love the banter and how Lois went to Oliver when she found out that Gordon knew. It was so awesome how she decided that if he wasn't going to protect himself, then she was going to protect him.

Lois & Kara ... their conversation was actually very interesting. It was probably one of Kara's best scenes in this episode, if not her best one overall. Lois trying to find out whether heroes are lonely (her way of seeing if Clark really needs her) was sweet. I just wanted to give her a hug. Kara pointing out that even heroes need someone to come home to was also nice. I think Lois really got it.

Lois in general was just awesome. Her plans, her sneakiness, the way she kind of tests Clark at moments, her finding a way to publish that article on Gordon ... everything! I just adore her to pieces.

Clark's strength in insisting he knows who he is. I applauded him when he consistently said that he was ready. He's not letting anyone talk him down anyone. Not Kara, not Jor-El, nobody. This is not the 14 year old boy who just learned that he was an alien. A decade later and he's a man, a man with a purpose and who knows where he stands and what he wants to be. Maybe he's not there yet, but he's pretty damn close.

I may be in the minority with this one, but I liked the Chlollie kiss. It was probably one of their best kisses. I also didn't mind Oliver reflecting on his times with Chloe. Oliver talking to his parents photo kind of broke my heart. I should have hated it, especially since I'm sick of angsty!Oliver, but surprise surprise, I didn't.

Clark and Kara's last scene together. My sister made me laugh when she said that Kara looked like the female version of Clark in her disguise. It's nice that she seemed to learn something from him.

The scenery. I think that there were a lot of scenes that were aesthetically pleasing. In a show that has too many dark scenes these days, it was nice to have some visibly lighter moments.

The Bad:

Other than the first five seconds of their reunion, where they hugged and smiled, I was thoroughly disappointed with Kara and Clark, as well as just Kara in general. I was a little annoyed with her putting him down. I can't believe that after everything, she trusted Jor-El instead of Clark. Doesn't she remember that this is the same Artificial Intelligence that stripped her of her powers, erased her memory and sent her to a random city back in season 7? Also, the last time she didn't trust Clark, she ended up moving in with Lex and was almost going to lose everything, if Chloe & Lana hadn't saved her.

Gordon. I can see where they're going, how they're getting Clark to come out into the open, but I'm sick of these moralistic morons and their constant preaching. We're only 3 episodes in and I'm tired. I don't know how I'll be able to put up with all season! It just makes me want to throw something at the TV. These scenes are getting to be redundant.

Jor-El ... I hate that stupid Artificial Intelligence. I thought I couldn't hate it any more than I did in 'Lazarus', but I CAN. The whole telling Kara that Clark's not his son anymore? WTF? Clark should disown IT. It's been absolutely useless to him! Let's destroy it and move on with our lives. I'm sick of it condemning Clark and acting like he hasn't changed at all. He HAS. SO STFU, you stupid AI. Clark doesn't need you anyway.

The Gordon & Lois scene in the club made me uncomfortable. Lois looked hot in her costume but IDK. It was just weird this time. I liked her not really knowing what to do. She's adorable.

Oliver revealing himself as Green Arrow at the end of the episode. *facepalm* Seriously, Ollie? I can kind of see how he got to that conclusion, but in trying to not hurt the people around him, he's just putting a big fat target on them instead. Now, the villains can just go straight to the people he loves to get revenge. I don't know how he's going to backtrack from this one.

The WTF?
Kara trying to get Clark to fly ... AGAIN. I was hoping we wouldn't see that and the scene was just as stupid as it was in s7. They made a weak attempt, he fell, and end of story. Clark can learn to fly on his own, thank you very much.

Lois not being told the truth about Chloe. I can't believe that they just left her with the "she's on vacation" excuse, and then even when Oliver told her Chloe was gone for good, she didn't seem to believe it. That's not Lois! She came to town to investigate Chloe's death and in 'Odyssey', she worked hard to find Chloe and bring her home. To just be left in the dark on this one is wrong. If anyone deserves to know the truth, it's her. I hate how the show pushes the Chlo-Lo relationship to the background, only letting them have scenes when convenient. I hope Lois finds out and gets pissed off that nobody told her, but I doubt we'll see it.

The more i heard from this episode, the more I decided not to expect much. Yeah, that way worked. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really like it either. I was kind of in the middle. Not sure what TO feel. It could've been better. I didn't know where to put the whole possession thing. It was interesting to see it exposing Clark, and revealing his internal feelings. I think it goes with Tom saying Clark's not ready yet.

The CW's trailer for 'Homecoming' was only okay, so I'm glad that the TV Guide one was already released. I'm very much looking forward to next week! I'm sure it'll be MUCH better.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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