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a little help?

Hey all! I need some help. You see, I'm still finishing the rules/timeline on the Holidays Exchange. I don't want to run a poll, since it is really a huge waste of time, but I needed some opinions on a couple of things so I figure that I could ask my dear flist (who will hopefully all be participating when it opens!).

1. What do you think is necessary to include in the rules? I have a minimum word count for fics and that kind of thing, and what is and what isn't allowed in terms of fanworks. Anything else that's essential?

2. How long is a good amount of time to run sign-ups? I was thinking two weeks. Shorter/longer/good length?

3. What do you do about people who drop out? When is usually a deadline for people to drop out? And what if someone does so after the deadline or just doesn't make a gift?

4. Any other advice/suggestions.

Anything that you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm probably sounding crazy but I'm a bit obsessive ... it's just how I've always been. I don't expect things to be perfect but I want to at least try. :)

Thanks in advance!
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