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smallville 'homecoming' review!

After 'Supergirl' disappointed me last week (even with my already low expectations for that particular episode), I was hoping this week would be better. Especially since I had high hopes for 'Homecoming', after the TV Guide trailer. I was actually a little sad to be on the west coast today, and I had to seriously avoid seeing spoilers on Twitter. But I made it through and I saw the episode.

It was everything I hoped for and more. I swear, this is the best episode to come out of s10. It was, to describe it in one word, EPIC. Tom Welling said that this was his favorite episode and I can see why. Our Superman has good taste! I wish I could be more eloquent right now but I'm literally shaking with glee and happiness. Okay, I'll try to write a coherent review here and just be relieved that none of you can see me act like a total dork.

The Good:

Uh, everything? 'Good' is kind of an understatement. Let's start with Clark. He was so great. I love how he confronted his demons. Tom did a great job as future!Clark and present!Clark. I would really love to hear his thoughts on what it was like filming the scene in the elevator. I love how funny Clark got to be, with lines like "How did I become so uptight and ... nerdy?" I was cracking up at Clark's expressions, yet there were times, like when he was watching the Jonathan & Lionel fight that I just wanted to give him a hug. I like how he stood up for himself and made a point to say how everyone has been telling him that he has this darkness and he doesn't understand it either. He was amazing. This episode was exactly what the show should always be- Clark centric.

Now that I've mentioned Clark, I have to talk about his lady love. Lois! Though some scenes, like how she expected everyone to know her made me go "???", she was very awesome. Both future!Lois and present!Lois were kickass. Erica did a great job, and looks so pretty in her suit. Even with the straight hair and the yellow dress, she was gorgeous. Hell, let's be honest: she was a hottie in the white shirt and jeans. That woman can wear a paper bag and be stunning. I'm jealous, but I love her anyway. I like how future!Lois was so protective and present!Lois just wanted a place to belong. I think that's very in character. I like her expressing her vulnerabilities and her doubts, even in the barn scene. I wish they had talked about the 'Bride' scene, since they briefly skimmed over it, but I'm not going to complain. She was amazing throughout. It's no surprise that Clark fell in love with her.

Which brings me to the most amazing part of this episode: CLOIS! The Clois was PERFECT. How much did I love Clark for setting up that dance in the barn? How sweet is that man? Every time I think he can't get any better, he does something. I totally envy Lois. The present!Clark/future!Lois makeout was hot. I like Clark's smile when he got to kiss Lois and didn't stop. The exchange of the "I love you's"? My dream come true! Especially since Clark said it first. Before the dance, how he was all bossy and told her to "get over here"? GENIUS! And they FLOATED! Cloisers everywhere were hoping for that and it happened. THIS SHOW! What it does to me!

Brainiac was also fantastic. I missed James Marsters. I liked his role in this episode, and all his conversations with Clark. He was even funny in the rooftop exchange in the future. The part where he gets Clark to admit how he's still blaming himself for Jonathan's death was brilliant. I hope we get to see him again this season.

Also, OLIVER! How long have I been waiting for him to become epic again? His interview scene was SO good. I like how he stood up for himself, stood up for Green Arrow, and the best part is? He got courage from Clark's presence. My heart literally broke for him when he was asking if Clark called. My ship ... IT LIVES! "You're damn right I'm a hero" <-- YOU TELL THEM, OLIVER! I was so proud of my boy. THAT is the man I fell in love with back in s6 and THIS is the man I'm hoping will stay with us throughout season 10. Clark/Lois/Oliver ... you gotta admit ... they're my OT3.

I liked the flashbacks too. They were a nice touch and handled well. Lana always did look pretty in that blue sweater. Even the two 'Torch' kids were funny. It's a little sad that they were just sitting around a dark office, by themselves, but they were entertaining anyway. And wow, I'm surprised Chloe texted them! I wonder how close she is ... or how far.

Even Bugboy was good. I was skeptical when I heard that Greg would be back, but it was done well. I initially thought he was out for revenge, but it seems that's not the case. I like what he told Lois about Clark. It's great when they recognize Clark's heroics, not just his alter ego's, you know?

The Bad:

NOTHING! JK. Or am I? Okay, fine, if I had to say something, I'd say the woman in the intro. The counselor? She came out of nowhere, and her plot went nowhere either. Though she got to hug Tom Welling so I wouldn't mind being her, lol.

That bitch who was at the punch bowl. HATED her and I wish Lois told her off. Clark and Lana were perfect? Yeah, right. "Maybe you're the moth, not the flame." WHAT-FUCKING-EVER. I wish she got to see how in love Clark really is with Lois. She can, when their wedding announcement one day makes the Planet. Maybe I'll write that fic. *smirks evilly*


BRILLIANT! PERFECT! AMAZING! They did the 200th episode justice and more. I am definitely going to watch this episode again ... and again. Yay for Smallville!

Next week looks interesting too, though right now, I'm still in a happy place from this one. Feel free to share your thoughts!
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