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day 2 and a meme!

Another day of my positive meme. :)

Day 2:

Smallville makes me happy! I'm still smiling because of the yesterday's episode. I watched a whole bunch of the clips again today. What? I was showing it to my sister! It makes a lot of sense. Really. :)

I got a Bingo over at one of my landcomms. That was nice. Yes, I'm easily pleased.

Also, I am thinking of making rec list ... the fics I've bookmarked have gotten kind of long. I do enjoy making these lists.

Someone posted a Clark/Oliver friendship fic, based off the interview scene in 'Homecoming'. Read it here. I was longing for one of those and my wish came true! :D

Ooh, and I have a meme that I got from bradygirl_12:

Pick six of my icons that you most closely associate with me, and I will be happy to tell you their stories.

Post this meme if you like in your own journal.

I hope you're all having a good weekend! And if you haven't signed up over at svgiftxchange, go do so now! And PLEASE REMEMBER TO PIMP! :D
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