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day 3 and pimping!

More of my positive meme.

Day 3:
I got to see two of my friends today and we went to lunch. We tried Ethiopian food, which I've never had, and it ended up actually being pretty good.

Though I missed both football games, as they weren't airing in my area, the Patriots (my sister's team) and the Saints (my team) both won their games today.

So far, 20 people have signed up for the svgiftxchange! And it's only been two day! Hopefully more people continue to sign up, but I'm happy right now.

Ooh, I have something to pimp for the Undercovers fans on my flist. There's a commentathon going on! Those of you who aren't watching, you should. It's a fun show and I feel like it's been improving already. Click on the banner to check it out!

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