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7x03 "Fierce" Review

The third episode of Smallville has come and gone. Here are my thoughts. Note that I wrote this while watching the show. :D

It's love at first sight for Kara. I thought that was pretty funny how she totally fell for Jimmy. Clark seems that he is going to have a lot to deal with when it comes to Kara. :)

And those three girls that came out of nowhere was kind of weird. But oh well, they need a plot i suppose.

I love Shelby. H needs to be used more. And Lana has arrived. He's so confused, it's great. The way that they had the light fall on her, I hate how they have her so angelic. Millar & Gough really need to abandon their Lana shrine. It's a bit disturbing.

Oh God, Lana's trying to protect Clark. How cute . . . NOT. I love how Clark immediately brought up Chloe but I wanted him to be a tad bit more upset about Lana lied to him. At least he brought it up. I guess that's all I can hope for. And OMG, Kara is so funny. Lana's expression when she saw Kara was just priceless. She was soo jealous. That was awesome.

Clark freaking out at Kara's bikini. Also another scene I loved. He sounded so parentlike. :D Lana was so annoying but I'm relieved she left the scene quickly. However, Tom and KK did do a good job acting.

The barn scene between Clark and Kara was perfect. The exploding watermelon FTW! :D I love the "If you're anything like me, I know you're going to do it anyway".

I felt bad for Kara. Those girls were such bitches. I figured even before she rubbed the window that the blonde was dead. :\ 

Lex is pathetic, still fingering that damn ring. She's screwed you over plenty. That creepy guy is back too. I would love if they showed why he was so obsessed with Kara. ;)

Awww, Jimmy was sweet in this show. I like the Chloe/Jimmy reunion scene. But Grant's kind of an ass. It was nice to see that he really was trying to light a fire under her. The catch up with your cousin thing was not cool. As much as I adore Lois, Chloe has surpassed her already. It's Lois the one who needs to catch up. That's why I still hate Grant. Cuz he's dumb. "chloster"? i was like, "WTF"?

The conversation between Clark and Lana was actually tolerable. Clana sucks; that hasn't changed. But KK and Tom are doing a good job of not overacting.

Kara flirting with Jimmy made me laugh. She saved his life and Clark's worst fear came true- that one girl saw him. Those two are kind of annoying. More than kind of actually.

Poor Kara was so disappointed when she saw Chloe and when she realized that Jimmy was taken. The Clark & Kara interactions are great. I was super worried about her but it seems she is turning out okay. Well at least so far. I'm crossing my fingers.

Lex upsets me. Why doesn't he just kiss her feet already? But the dig about Clark not understanding? Priceless. Oh, Lana, he knows Clark just as well, or probably better, than you do.

I like Chloe & Clark once again plotting together. They are a good team. (Still not with the Chlois theory though)

Those girls approaching Kara . . . who didn't see that coming?

It seemed that Kara tricked those two girls. Very nice, very nice indeed. The Talent Show was pretty amusing.

Lex is claiming he's good at yet being manipulative at the same time. That's the Lex Luthor we all know. Being away from lana goes him good.

Kara won! I kind of suspected she would. Clark looks disappointed. Kara's been arrested . . . and Clark's freaking out. Their confrontations are pretty cool.

Clark going off to confront those girls was so typical him. And the kryptonite . . . didn't see that coming. Kara showing up to save the day was perfect and her destroying the rock . . . even better! I LOVE her! She will be good for Clark . . . I officially accept her.

Kara and Clark have the best conversations. Kara's so logical and it's about time someone told Clark he can't just dwindle around anymore. He has to grow up and I honestly think that Kara will help him do that.

The Chloe & Jimmy scene was cute until the meteor freak part. This is going to play a big part in this current season, I can tell. And a Chloe/Jimmy/Kara triangle. He was so checking her out . . . bad Jimmy!

More Clana . . . I think I'm going to be sick.  Make them stop, PLEASE. Oh, Lana, you're such a hypocrite. "Not have the past play a part". We all see where you're going with that.

And back to Lex. He's found Kara. I felt a little sorry for him here. He really just wants to be trusted. But Clark has gotten to Kara first.

Overall, interesting episode. I actually liked it. Too bad Lois wasn't there but she would've been fairly useless. Next week: Dean Cain guest stars!

Until next time everyone!
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