svgurl (svgurl) wrote,

day 4, pimping and a friending meme!

Hey all! It's the fourth day of my positive meme. :)

Day 4:

It's sunny outside! Yesterday, it was raining and it was gloomy in the morning so I was not thrilled that it was getting colder already, but by midday it became warmer.

Even though it's Monday, I only had two classes, which meant I was done at 12:40. Yes, I have studying to do but at least I still got to come home with light traffic and have most of my day left.

I was exchanging comments with someone over at Bingo in one of my landcomms. She gave up on Smallville years ago and I think I inspired her to catch up! Hopefully she doesn't hate me when she watches s7 but at least I warned her in advance. :D

As always, I have something to pimp for you: over at DW, [community profile] ladiesbigbang is hosting Round 1.5. Sign-ups end on the 20th, but you can still participate even if you don't sign-up! Sign-ups are for people who want their fanworks considered for complement claiming. As long as you send something in by Dec 1st, you're good.

Now, I have a friending meme for you all!

That's it for now! Take care! :D
Tags: 30 day positive meme, friending meme, pimping

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