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Day 3 of Clark/Lois Week

I figured after tonight episode, and the return of Clana, all us Cloisers need some motivation to stick around. So here's a list of Clark/Lois fics that I really like. If anyone has anything to add, please let me know. The more Clois the better!


1) "Whose Verse is Worse" by kdsch123
   Also has Chlollie. It is so funny, it has me cracking up when I read it now.

2) "A World Without Lois Lane" by Jade4813
This is a story  that's on and it's excellent. The plot is Clark and Lois are engaged but Lois gets into an accident and is sent to a world where she is dead. Now she has to find out why she's there and what a world without her would be like. :) A must read for any Clois shipper.

3) Contigency Plan by Brine224
Takes place after Reunion. Not for Clana fans. Very well written and leaves you wanting for more. :D Lois finds herself pregnant and she has no idea how, since she hasn't had sex for a while. Raya plays a different role in this one but she's there. :)

4) Mystery Man by Brine224
Yes, another story. But there are a lot of good ones. Takes place after "Fragile". Clark sees that Lois has been disappearing and wants to know why. It's a really heartwarming fic and once again, NOT for Clana fans.

5) "You're Coming Home" by keymajade
Drunk!Lois is so much fun and in this one, she's just great. :D It can be read as a standalone but reading the prequel, "Hi Martha, it's Lois--Lois Lane" is cool too.

6) "The Haze" by Mykella
Takes place after the famous "hydro" kiss. :) But it is very different, trust me.

i can't think of anymore right now but if I do, I'll add them to the list. I know there are plenty of excellent Clois fics out there so if anyone wants to share theirs, please do!

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