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10.05 'Isis' Review

The one good thing about my internet being down is that I finally got around to seeing ‘Isis’. It is hard to top ‘Homecoming’, as far as epicness goes but I heard good things about this episode too, so I wasn’t too worried when I watched.

This episode has cheesy parts but I have to admit that I did enjoy it as a whole. It amused me, and of course, the last scene was my favorite.

I probably missed stuff because I’m writing this a couple of hours after I watched the episode, but oh well. I think I got all the main points.

The Good

Lois Lane … well, Erica Durance. She was fantastic in this episode. She is one of the few individuals who can pull of these crazy plots. I liked how her voice changed when she was Isis. That was a nice touch. She was just adorable in the first scene, when she was practicing what to say to Clark. I just giggled watching her. Plus, she looked hot in her outfit. Then again, she would be gorgeous in a paper bag. The way she taunted Cat was what I was hoping to see. :D

Clark! I enjoyed the scenes that he was in, especially when he was frantically trying to get Lois back. His expressions when dealing with Cat never fails to crack me up. I love how everybody hates her. At the very least, the actress was chosen well, because she is good at being annoying.

Clois! I love Clois, even when they’re being all awkward around each other. The last scene was EPIC! I like how Lois just jumped him after he finally confessed. *sighs happily* He makes all these great speeches when he’s with her and I’m happy that they let Clark express his fears. Too often, his feelings are skimmed over, but now they’re addressing it and that is a good change. Plus, him realizing that Lois already knows and being all “O_O”? SO CUTE! Also, how much do I love that Lois says “I love you” so casually? Let me tell you: A LOT!

Clark & Oliver- Oliver still frustrates me, but I have to say, I’m liking the direction in which their relationship is going. It seems to be a lot calmer and I appreciate that there’s no shouting involved. *knocks on wood* Ollie realizing that Clark wanted him to convince him not to tell Lois was hilarious, and he had some great lines. I like how Clark mentioned that Ollie telling Lois the truth didn’t go so well back in ‘Siren’, because that is a legitimate fear, especially since Clark was the one who comforted Lois right after. I hope one day in the future, Clark and Lois talk about it, and she too can tell him how he is different than Oliver.

Tess! It’s no secret that I love Tess. She was awesome and I have to say, I love her scene with Alexander at the end. I really like that we got to see a different, more sensitive side of Tess. The way she read Alexander the story? Broke my heart. Her interactions with Clark were interesting, and I thought Ollie was a bit harsh on her. When she burst out laughing at Cat’s theory on Lois being the blur, I laughed too. I was worried when I heard spoilers about her taking Chloe’s place as Watchtower but I think they’re handling it in a realistic manner. I can’t wait to see how her arc plays out.

The Bad

Let me start this out by saying that I actually like and ship Chlollie. Now that I got that out of the way, Ollie annoyed me. His moping over Chloe reminded me way too much of Clark moping over Lana. At least Clark’s moping made sense, since he had been in love with Lana since he was 5. I get that Ollie hurts and misses Chloe, but I don’t want scenes like that to be a constant this season. At the very least, they can have him pursuing the Suicide Squad and making it safe for Chloe to come home!

Also, how he’s handling the whole coming out as GA thing was fail. I seriously was going “WTF” in that whole first scene, when that woman was talking about Green Arrow girls and his entrance to the party. I’m like “oookay, there Ollie”. So yeah, it was difficult for me to take him seriously, and I’m glad at least he admitted that what he was doing was insane, at the end to Tess. The whole “you can’t love” spiel was douchey, especially since she trusted him and he cheated on her. Tess had a rough childhood and when she let a man in (no matter how much I dislike Tess/Ollie), he screwed her over. So maybe Oliver should get some sensitivity training, because like he said, he crossed a line and should just generally start thinking before he speaks.

Cat makes me roll my eyes. I don’t care about her. Though I get her purpose is to be annoying and pathetic, she’s a waste of screen time. Also, I want Clark to be like, “uh, I have a girlfriend” when she keeps practically throwing herself at him. And isn’t Clark teamed up with Lois again? Why does Cat think he’s still her partner? Someone needs to give her a clue. It’s a shame that Lois didn’t get her punch in. Clark breaking the phone? FTW!


Pretty good. One of the better episodes in the season so far for sure.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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