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10.06 'Harvest' Review!

Another Friday, another Smallville. This week, I made sure not to have any plans so I could watch it live. Here's what I thought.

I'm so happy right now, I can't even express it in words. So many things happened that I didn't expect and I'm just over the moon. I'm trying my best to write a coherent review when my brain is just squeeing constantly. I can't stop smiling! I swear, we've had three weeks straight of the best endings. It's just ... a dream come true, as a Cloiser.

The Good

Where do I even start? Okay, let's start with the star then. Clark! Much like last week, I didn't feel like he was there a lot but he was great in his scenes. I like how he was concerned about Lois and so open to her questioning. It's clear how his relationship with Lois is different than all his others. I love how much more mature he's gotten over the years, and how he was so worried about her. Too bad we didn't see more shirtless!Clark. We only saw his back and while that was nice, I wanted him to turn around. He's so heroic too! Even in the face of meteor rock, he didn't give up, and put himself through torture just to protect his Lois. Wow. That's my Superman!

Anyway, speaking of his lady love, Lois is constantly great. Sometimes, her lines are a bit crazy but she's just so lovable that I don't really care what she's saying. She's very passionate and it shows that Erica is giving this role her all. My heart always ends up going out to her ... she really gets my sympathy and it's so obvious to me that she's completely in love with Clark. I love that she was checking out Clark when he was changing, and all "Why are we never some place romantic when he takes off his shirt?" How awesome is she? I like that she insisted on being her independent self. She's no damsel in distress, that's for sure, no matter how much danger she ends up in. I also liked that she tried to convince the crazy town people that what they were doing was wrong, and my heart just broke for her when she was all, "you didn't have to kill him." The tears, the emotion in her voice ... that girl needed a hug.

Together, they're the best though! Their conversation in the beginning, their time in the cabin, and the last scene in the barn? All so perfect. I like that Lois knows the full truth, that he's Kryptonian, though I would've loved to see that conversation. Even better, Clark found out that Lois was the one who pulled the knife out! I was hoping that he'd find out but I wasn't expecting that at all. I literally squeed. I like how she said it so casually too, totally oblivious to what she had done. Very cute. My favorite was, of course, the last scene in the barn. I love how Clark gave her the Kryptonian journal and that he outright said that she's the one.

CLOIS SEX! This gets a whole point on its own, separate from Clois. How much do I love that they let Clark have sex with his powers and that Lois was the first? Clark's really letting himself take chances and risks in this relationship ... if that doesn't show development and maturity, I don't know what will. His actions prove beyond any words that he could say how much Lois means to him and how much he wants her to be his future. Yes, he saw them happy together in 'Homecoming', but he never saw what he did to get there. 7 years is a long time and he alone has to make a lot of decisions before reaching that happily ever after. Yet he wants that happily ever after and he wants it with Lois, and you can tell that he's doing everything he can to reach it. And if anyone deserves to be happy (for once), it's Clark. :)

I also loved Tess. I really like this vulnerable side we're seeing of her. Cassidy is an amazing actress and she's doing great handling all of Tess's layers. I like her wanting to help Alexander, and how she tried to save him. Yet when she realized the danger he posed, she was willing to do what it took to keep the world safe. I think she was also someone who really needed a hug. I felt so terrible for her.

Alexander creeps me out but I have to give Connor Stanhope his props. The kid is a good actor and he knows how to be evil. I have no idea what they're going to do with his character, and if they're going to let him "grow up" to be the Lex Luthor that we know in the future (which I hope not, because it feels wrong, since he's a clone) but I am intrigued.

Just the general casting was really good. Even those creepy townspeople were cast well. Like that little girl? Charlotte. She managed to me go from "aww, how cute" to "wtf is wrong with you". Even the guy who played her father- appropriately creepy and psycho.

The Bad

Uh ... I don't know? TBH, the only thing I would've liked to see is more Clark ... I honestly don't have any other major complaints. Some of the dialogue made me go a little "???" but it usually also made me laugh so I don't really want to nitpick. Weird.


As you can tell, I really liked this episode! I believe s10 is continuously improving and I hope that it stays at this level of awesomeness. I can't wait for next week.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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