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10.07 'Ambush' Review

After stalling for a bit, I finally saw 'Ambush'. Here are my thoughts! :)

I really liked the episode! I was excited to see not only General Lane back but Lucy. A Lane family reunion! The A-plot was interesting and the Clois was great. A very well rounded episode. At least in my opinion.

The Good

Where do I even begin? Let's go with our star. Clark. I love Clark. I like how he stood up to the General. Even back in s4, he didn't really let Lois's father intimidate him. Sure, the circumstances were different, but the attitude is the same. He wants Lois to be happy, but he won't let him overwhelm him. I think that we saw how much he really needed Lois too. All this time, she's been fighting on his side, even back when she didn't know he was the Blur, and now, he saw he backing away from him, too afraid to face her father and that clearly hurt. I wasn't happy that he tried to force her hand, but I can understand his reasoning. There are no more pretenses in their relationship ... everything is out in the open and he wants that to be the case with Lois and her father. Btw, how much do I love that Clark had a "question" to ask Sam? Yeah, we all know it's the big one. I may have squeed a bit. Clark telling the General that he loves Lois and doesn't want to spend a day without her? Also killed me. :D

Speaking of my dear Lois, my heart was breaking for her the entire episode. She comes off as confident and tough but really, she can be insecure too and she just wants her dad's approval. Erica does an amazing job expressing emotions and my throat tightened up every time I saw tears in her eyes. This episode was tough on her ... she was stuck between the love of her life and her father, both on opposite sides. I like how desperately she tried to get them to work out, and I could see how hard it was for her to walk away from Clark. I also like that she waited until she got her father and Lucy alone to declare her love and her true intentions. It was amazing. Plus, Lois actually cooked a meal that looked edible! Wow, our gal does it all! I'm glad that everyone was happy in the end ... for her sake, if not anything else. She may not be perfect, but she's amazing- a great girlfriend, a devoted daughter and the best sister anyone could ask for.

I like Clark and Lois separately but even more together. The opening scene was fantastic! I can see what they've been doing since the ending of 'Harvest'. ;) Clark has to make up for lost time after all. I love that Lois was wearing his jersey. He obviously likes her in it, since this is the second time that we've seen her wear it. I bet you Clark just likes seeing Lois in something that has his name on it. You know I'm right. I like their conflict; it felt realistic. I winced when Lois brought up his father, or lack thereof, but in one way, she's right. Clark's mom is still there and he doesn't have to answer to her ... she's very accepting, unlike the General who seems to test Lois. It felt like a real relationship, because real couples fight. And during those fights, they blurt out things that they don't mean to. It happens. But they make it through, just like Clark and Lois do. Did you see how happy Lois looked when she realized the Blur saved her? So cute.

Lois and Lucy. It was interesting to see the sisters' dynamic. I like that Lois didn't believe Clark would kiss Lucy and put the blame on the right person immediately. Honestly, Lucy is damn lucky to have a sister like Lois and she was right when she said in their final scene together that Lois is a great sister. Not many would put up with Lucy but Lois is very loyal to her family, and that was clear in this episode. Even though she was angry, she was also able to forgive, and didn't let Lucy leave, even though she easily could've. I liked their talk and how Lois admitted she was relieved not to be the bad child. I also appreciated that they were able to get their feelings out in the open. I feel that this is a turning point in their relationship.

Lois and the General. I don't have much to say here, but their scenes were good.

Sam Lane. It was nice to see him again. I felt his character was very realistic and it made sense that he would be against vigilantes. I also like how he thought he was doing what was best for his daughter, and it was an interesting twist that it turned out that he wasn't testing the boyfriends but Lois. He wanted to see that which one was a keeper, not from the way they acted but from the way she reacted. I like that he knew Clark was the Blur (though does everyone know at this point?), and even approved of him. What I also liked was that he didn't come completely on board the vigilante support train, just noted that not all vigilantes were bad, respected Clark and his morals but also acknowledged that there were heroes who weren't as good as Clark. That was a bit more realistic than him just being all, "I love heroes because my daughter was saved by one and now I'm on the other side." It doesn't work like that. Hopefully he shows up again this season!

Also, it was a relief that this family dinner turned out better than the one with Martha and Perry. Since Clark and Lois had just been fired and their relationship was tense, thanks to the Blur drama, it was awkward. This dinner had them all smiley and whatnot.

Clark and Oliver. Yes, they didn't have much screentime together but I'm throwing them in there anyway! It's my review. Aren't my boys cute when they're not fighting? Plus, the way Clark got Oliver to leave through the window cracked me up. I get what you were saying, legendsinlove. It's nice to see them (FINALLY!) working together. THIS is what I've wanted to see all along. Let's keep it up, show!

Oliver and Tess. Their dynamic is one of friendship. I don't want them to hook up nor is there any point to it. I like how they've come full circle. They went from friends who worked together to help each other escape to lovers to enemies back to friends. I think that this is where they should stay and it's nice seeing them snark at each other, because Tess doesn't put up with his BS, even when he's being douchey. I'm glad they acknowledged how far they come because it has been a long journey. When Tess was all, "I was thinking the best I could do was frenemy." and Ollie was like, "I don't even know what that means"? I LOL'd. Ollie cracks me up. He does have great one-liners.

Tess was also awesome. I like how she's working the Watchtower but at the same time, she's doing it her way. I like that she's not Chloe and they didn't make her into some genius hacker. She's using the skills she has and it's very realistic. I like that she found the tattoos because I was wondering if that was going to happen.

The plot with Rick Flag. We've seen extremists who hate vigilantes but now we're seeing extremists of the other type. At least they're switching things up! It's clear that this world needs a hero like Superman and I like how they're building up to that.

The Bad

The only scene I had an issue with was Lucy kissing Clark. I just didn't see a point, other than making Lucy look like a total bitch. They never really resolved that either. It was just left hanging.


I really liked it. I was hoping this would be a good episode and it was!

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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