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10.08 'Abandoned' Review!

At least this week I can watch Smallville when it airs, instead of waiting until later. Here are my thoughts.

I enjoyed this episode! Both the major guest stars, Linsday Hartley and Teri Hatcher, weren't there very long, but I like that we got some insight on Tess's past. I find her a complex character, and Cassidy Freeman does an amazing job. Of course, Clark wasn't there a lot, but since Tom is directing the next episode, that was expected. After all, he tends to not be around much in the episode prior to the one he directs. I could feel his absence but I didn't hate the episode because of it. Unlike prior pre-Tom directing episodes, such as 'Static' and 'Sleeper', which were both awful.

The Good

Okay, let me get this out of the way. CLARK HAS AN ENGAGEMENT RING FOR LOIS! OMG OMG OMG OMG! There, that felt good. I have to say, the ring is beautiful too. For those people who doubted Clark asked 'the question' to the General? Yeah, I think that's proof! Wheee! It was a perfect day to post a Clois proposal fic, don't you think? ;)

Speaking of Clark, though he wasn't there, I liked the few scenes he had. I enjoyed his interactions with both Lois and Tess. I am glad that Tess & Clark are getting along. They have an interesting dynamic. I also like how he tried to plead with the crazy girls who had him captive, including Harriet. Clark's genuine belief that he can save everyone and help them, despite the circumstances, never fails to leave me in awe. Tom really does well with convincing the audience he's sincere. Best decision AlMiles ever made? Casting Tom Welling. He's my Superman.

I also loved Lois. Erica is great at expression emotions. I said it before and I'll say it again: Lois breaks my heart when she cries. Her watching the video of her mother just killed me. That ties for my favorite scene with her in it. My other favorite? Her telling off the Fortress! It's ABOUT DAMN TIME someone told that stupid AI off. I hate it and I was cheering Lois on the entire time when she was talking about how its disappointment is not going to help Clark and how its not 1/10th the Kryptonian Clark is. She's defending her man, damn it!

Clois are adorable together. I like them in the Fortress and that Clark not only got to see Jor-El & Lara but Lois did too. How awesome is that? Clark getting to hear from his real parents was very nice. I thought the scene was quite touching. Though Clark being ready to walk away from the AI because he thought it had hurt Lois? Priceless. Of course, I also like the Clois hug back at the farm. What can I say? I love kisses and sex but I just love when Clark and Lois just hug too. So much can be said in a hug, you know? Clark practically reading Lois's mind when she put "Blue" by the window was adorable. &hearts

Shelby! He deserves a mention too. I love that dog, and Lois interacting with him? WIN!

Tess! One of the main reasons that I didn't mind Clark's lack of screen time was because Tess was there a lot. She's fabulous. I love that we got some of her backstory and that she's a LUTHOR! Wow. I wonder if Lex knew ... maybe that's why he left her in charge of Luthorcorp? But either way, she was awesome. We saw her being badass, we saw her vulnerable, we saw her scared ... and Cassidy did each emotion perfectly. Though I have to say, Lutessa? Worst. Name. Ever. Thank God it was shortened to Tess! While I was underwhelmed by Linsday Hartley, I liked Harriet's catfight with Tess. I like Tess admitting that she's used to taking care of herself to Clark and Clark telling her they're on the same team now. Yay! Now she just needs to have more scenes with Lois again.

The casting for Granny Goodness. That was a good choice. She did well being scary and managed to creep me out. I was surprised when Godfrey and that other guy joined her (was he new cuz I can't recognize him) but the Darkseid plot is way more interesting than the Suicide Squad. At least IMO. They seem more legitimate villains. Especially since they're not stuck with Plastique.

Teri Hatcher did well in her short role. When she was talking in the video, I was tearing up with Lois. Just beautiful. Sure, there's the pic that portrays Lois's mom as a blonde but I could really buy Teri as Lois's mom. Like someone said, Lois went through 'an unfortunate blonde period' and so did her mom. I'll take it.

The Bad:

Other than the lack of Clark, I don't really have any complaints. Lindsay looked hot as Mad Harriet but I don't know ... I just wasn't all that impressed. Maybe I'm just being too picky.

Yeah, I have stuff that made me go 'meh' but nothing that I was angry about.


I liked it. Pretty solid episode.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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