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rec time!

I have compiled a list of Smallville/DCU fics (the majority SV) for you all to enjoy. The pairings range from Chloe/Oliver to Chloe/Tess to Clark/Lois to Clark/Oliver and there's even some Clark/Bruce too! I think there's a gen fic or two in there as well. :)

1. Almost by Lily1986 (Clark/Lois, Sam Lane, PG)- This is a missing scene from 'Ambush', where Lois returns back to the farm with Sam & Lucy after the Talon is blown up. It's in Sam's POV and just ... awesome. I feel like this could've been a real scene in the episode. I love her Sam voice and it was really perfect.

2. Being a Hero by sxymami0909 (Clark, Oliver, implied Chloe/Oliver, PG-13)- 'Homecoming' gave us an awesome Clark/Oliver bonding moment near the end and this is fic elaborates on that. I love friendship fics and she has a good grasp on Clark and Oliver.

3. A Cliche Way by PrincessHallzie- Clark wonders why he and Ollie can't be friends and the man in question shows up. Not a lot of Clark/Ollie fics out there these days and I found this very enjoyable. I wish that Clark and Ollie had this conversation in the show, and I definitely wouldn't argue if it ended the way this fic did. ;)

4. Coming Home by xinsidemyskinx (Lana-centric, Clark/Lois)- A fic about Lana not missing the reunion after all and seeing that Clark's moved on. She has a good Lana voice and I can see her thinking this way. It's a realistic portrayal yet it doesn't make her overly dramatic and bash her in any way. Just great.

5. Dancing With Words by kayladie (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Lex, R, AU, completed WIP)- This fic is an AU starting at 'Spirit'. Clark and Lois end up dancing after his dance with Lana gets interrupted and everything changes between them. It was interesting to read this, because I forgot how much they argued back then. Still ... her characterization is perfect and she really managed to capture s4 Clois.

6. Heartland VII: "It’s A Great BIG Pumpkin, Bruce Wayne!" by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, Jonathan/Martha, PG-13)- Another part to her fabulous Heartland verse, where the Kents and the Waynes attend Smallville's Harvest Festival for Halloween (much less creepier than the Harvest Festival show in the show!). If you like Clark/Bruce and haven't read this verse, you have been deprived because it's seriously one of my favorites. The dialogue is perfect, the characterizations awesome, the plot fun ... her Clark and Bruce are just so meant to be, it's ridiculous! Melts my heart how in love they are. I get excited every time she posts a new part in this verse and this one lived up to expectations and more!

7. Lois and Clark drabbles by ladygawain (Clark/Lois, various ratings)- There are 12 Lois & Clark ficlets, all under 1000 words. She wrote a variety of genres. Some are sad and others are happy but every single one of them is awesome, in their own way.

8. Magic Love by ihearttvsnark (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, R)- It's Halloween and Lois thinks it's time for Chloe and Ollie to face their feelings and believes that there needs to be some magic to make it happen. What I love about this author is that she can writes Chloe/Oliver well but also treats Clark & Lois with respect. It's rarer than you think it would be. This fic has all the essentials for a perfect story- good characterization, nice plot, awesome characters ... just brilliant all around.

9. Only me and you by waxedpaperdoor (Clark/Lois, unrated)- A post 'Harvest' ficlet that will make you smile. I like reading about Clark in Lois's POV. This was very cute and I enjoyed it a lot.

10. A Persistent Illusion by ladygawain (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- A series of on screen and offsceen moments in "Harvest". It's just utterly gorgeous and I loved it from start to finish. Words can't describe how much I liked this fic. She managed to elaborate on scenes that we saw and added a few in of her own that felt like it could belong in the episode. Simply stunning.

11. Pillow Talk by nora02583 (Clark/Lois, NC-17)- A post Harvest oneshot that's both hot and sweet. She has yummy Clois smut and also has them having a real conversation too. The Clark and Lois characterizations are perfect and if you love Clois, you'll love this too.

12. Pulled In by lynzie914 (Chloe/Tess, PG-13)- She wrote this for me and it's so awesome! It's really Tess's POV on Chloe. Her Tess voice is perfect and I could see her thinking the way she has her thinking. Just really great from start to finish. :)

13. Red & Blue by blynnk (Clark/Oliver, NC-17, warnings)- When I say this is dark, I mean it. Seriously, if you're easily squicked, don't click on this fic. There's bdsm, knifeplay, torture ... yeah, dark. Basically, Clark goes to Oliver, giving up control completely. But if you can get past all of the darker themes, it's really well written. Ollie gives a release that I believe only Oliver can do. I was seriously blown away by this one shot. One of the best Clark/Oliver fics I've read recently and the first fic that I've seen written in s10.

14. Starlight N' Roses by bradygirl_12 (DCU, Clark/Bruce, PG-13)- Her goal with this one was to make it like an Impressionist painting and I have to say, she succeeded. She painted a picture with words and the end result left me in awe. Just read it. I promise you won't regret it.

15. The calm in the storm by waxedpaperdoor (Clark/Lois, unrated)- A ficlet on Clark's POV during the events of 'Ambush' with a sweet Clark/Lois moment. I liked how she captured Clark's character. Her Clois are adorable together as well. Just something that made me smile.

16. The Lessons We Learned by boltgirl426- A new installment in the 'La Fuga Dolce'/'Coming Full Circle' verse. This time, it deals with Maddie. I love this universe. It makes me happy and this oneshot is amazing. Not that I've expect anything less from her. If you haven't read the 'verse, well, you're seriously missing out and should do that!

If you like something, make sure you leave feedback for the author so we can get more fic! Let me know if there is a problem with any links. :)
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