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10.09 'patriot' review!

It's Friday! You all know what that means. Smallville day. To be honest, even though Tom's directing, I wasn't really looking forward to this episode. But of course I saw it and here are my thoughts.

I don't know how I feel about this episode. It was not the best one I've seen but it had its moments so I didn't hate it either. I didn't expect much, since I don't like Aquaman. He's my least favorite member of the current JL, and he can't act to save his life. But I was hoping since I've enjoyed most of the episodes Tom has directed, this wouldn't be that bad.

The Good

Tom did a good job directing. He is always given episodes that aren't that easy and he always pulls through. At least in my opinion.

Clark. As always, I love him and his character. This episode proved why he will one day be the leader of the Justice League. He's a man to be admired and respected. Even AC came around at the end, saying that though he didn't trust the government, he trusted Clark. He has this aura about him. I like his belief and how he even tried to help Slade, at the end, despite the fact that this guy was trying to kill him.

Lois was fabulous. She's badass! I think I enjoyed all her scenes, and Erica does really well. I love how she stood up to Mera, worried about Oliver, took on Slade and even tricked him! It's really no wonder Clark has let her into his life completely- no other woman can even match up to Lois, in terms of being a good life partner for Clark. I honestly believe that.

Clark and Lois didn't have much time together, but their final scene was beautiful. I love how open Clark is with her, and how she reassures his fears. Then, when Lois is worried that they're too different, Clark is there to ease her worries. They may not be alike, but like Clark said, that's why they work. Clark needs someone like Lois in his life to balance him out and Lois needs Clark to help her keep believing. Using Lois's own analogy, they're not two pieces in different puzzles but two pieces in the same puzzle that fit together perfectly.

Lois & Oliver- Their friendship is SO great. I remember why I did like Lollie back in the day. They have this natural chemistry that can't be denied. I loved their scene together. Also, there's this moment when Ollie steps in to the elevator and their eyes meet. Lois mouths "no". It's beautiful. Props to Erica for her perfect acting in that scene.

Lois & Tess- I was recently complaining that they don't have scenes together anymore, and all of a sudden, we see them together again! They also have great chemistry and their elevator scene was amusing. I love how Tess added a "finally" in when Lois was shown the Watchtower, and before how she said Lois's name when she saw her from the screen. I like that they have formed a reluctant truce.

Lois & Dr. Emil. I like how she tracked him down and threatened him. That scene just cracked me up. His look of amusement after she left? SO funny. Any episode with Dr. Emil is automatically more awesome and I wish we saw him, because he's a fantastic character.

Clark/Lois/Oliver/Tess- They were ALL in the Watchtower! legendsinlove and I were tweeting about this and didn't think it was possible to see them all in one place yet it happened! Made. Of. WIN. I hope we see them all working together. It would be EPIC.

Oliver. I can't help it. I want to love him, and I thought he was good in this episode. He was heroic and a good friend, not wanting Clark to risk himself. I liked all his scenes.

The Slade plot was interesting, and how there are these people, so motivated by fear, that they are going to these crazy lengths. They're really setting up a world that need a hero like Superman.

The Bad

Aquaman. With the exception of his final scene with Clark, he was annoying as hell. Most of the time, especially in his first scene with Clark, he looked evil, and he acted like a Ken Doll. I swear, I was laughing at parts when I really shouldn't have been laughing. I couldn't take him seriously! I didn't expect much with his return and he still managed to disappoint.

Mera- If Aquaman is Ken, he clearly found his Barbie in Mera. Again, her last scene with Lois was pretty good but she was fail in the rest of the episode. BTW, nobody is EVER allowed to complain about Lois's costumes, because I will point them to this episode, and what Mera was (not) wearing. She can't act and she had nothing else going for her.

Clark was in a Kryptonite cell. Other than the first few seconds, it didn't really seem like it was affecting him. How does that work? Also, he got blown up WHILE he was in the cell ... shouldn't he have, like, exploded too? I'm so confused!


Not bad. Like I sad, not great. The main cast did a good job, even if the guest stars were lame. I'm looking forward to 'Luthor' though. The trailer looks SO awesome. Just two weeks left! :D

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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