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why i love Clois

This is for scifiland's "Tell Me Why" Challenge. I chose to talk about why I love and ship Clark/Lois.

Clark: "Who are you?"
Lois: "Lois, Lois Lane."

Ever since I was a little kid, even before I knew what “shipping” was, I shipped Clark and Lois. I watched the movies, and the animated series. I only started watching Smallville in season 4, through my sister, and I found myself falling in love with Clark and Lois all over again.

They have great chemistry but what I really love about them is that they’re the one relationship on the show that has steadily progressed. In season 4, they bickered like crazy, but at the same time, you could tell that there was something more. It was obvious in the dunk tank scene of ‘Façade’, which is still one of my favorite Clark/Lois moments. There is banter and definite flirting. Clark’s smile said it all.

Even while they were bantering, they were still there for one another. Lois stopped Clark from making what she knew would be a huge mistake in ‘Pariah’. Despite the fact that she was only human and he had abilities, she got through to him and prevented him from killing Alicia’s murderer. That’s one powerful connection.

Then, Clark was there to comfort Lois when the situation with her sister, Lucy, went south. That’s when they declared themselves to be “secret friends”, and Lois acknowledged that Clark was “amazing”. I love how they fight in public (and sometimes in private) but there’s just so much more to them than just the arguing.

In season 5, Clark was dating Lana, but at the same time, expressed jealousy when Lois was with AC in ‘Aqua’. They both gave each other advice when relationships didn’t turn out well, Clark in ‘Aqua’ and Lois in ‘Oracle’. During the later, Clark even admitted that there were times where he believed Lois knew him better than anyone. She gets him, even without knowing the big secret.

In fact, Lois doesn’t even believe Clark has any secrets and is one of the few people in his life who takes him as is, just a farm boy. Clark in turn often feels like he has something to prove to her. I found it highly amusing in ‘Crimson’, when he was under the influence of red kryptonite, he showed Lois his powers just to prove that he was better than Oliver. However, most of the time, he is more relaxed with her, because he can just be … him. He doesn’t have to constantly hide from investigations or try to justify his decisions.

I love that they’re opposites, but in a good way. They balance each other out. She can make him smile and he was able to break through her walls. In season 7, their scenes were few and far in between but the ones they had were gold. When Clark was thinking about leaving for his training, it was obvious that Lois missed him. He offered his shoulder when she was heartbroken about letting Oliver go and she repaid the favor in the season finale after he saw Lana’s goodbye video. This was the season that I felt they let each other in completely. In s8, there was a slow development of feelings and in s9, they got together. Now, in s10, they have no secrets, have exchanged “I love you’s” and even gotten intimate. Clark has never had sex with a woman while she didn’t have any powers and he still had his. That was a huge step for him, and the fact that he took it for Lois really says a lot.

Even if they didn’t have 70+ years of canon to back them up, I feel like they would’ve found their way to each other anyway. It really wasn’t a surprise when they began to have feelings for one another. I learned to appreciate the fact that Smallville had Lois fall for Clark, instead of the other way around.

Clark was different this time around. He was no longer a nervous teenage boy in love with his childhood sweetheart. No, he was a man, a confident one who was learning what he truly wanted and while he was nervous, he came to realize being with Lois was worth every risk. I saw it in the way he got Lois to dance with him in 8.10 ‘Bride’. I saw in the way he was the one who kissed her in 9.06 ‘Crossfire’. I saw it when he convinced her to date him in 9.09 ‘Pandora’.

As for Lois … well, she’s utterly devoted to Clark. It’s not like other media, where she notices Superman first. Sure, the Blur (Clark’s alter ego) caught her attention, but it’s obvious Clark takes priority. She respects him and even in season 10, she gave him a chance to tell her his secret. For that brief moment in ‘Isis’ where it seemed like he wouldn’t, she didn’t guilt trip him or anything, just accepted it. Yet, Clark again realized that she was worth taking the chance and not only opened up about his fears, but the truth about his identity.

They stand up to other people, defending their love. Clark and Lois would die for each other, and refuse to let other people insult them. Lois has put her life at risk countless times in favor of protecting Clark's identity and good name. Meanwhile, Clark has thrown himself in front of bullets and a burning flame (without his abilities) and gave up his father's watch in the 'Pandora' just to make sure Lois doesn't get hurt. He said "nobody is going to mess with Lois and Clark" in season 8 and he meant it.

Clark also told Lois that she is the one for him and always will be. He gave her Dr. Swann’s journal, something he had never thought of giving anyone before. With her, he was able to float. They are even on the verge of engagement, Clark having asked Lois's father for permission to marry her.

Not only are they friends and lovers, but they're equals. Anyone who can't figure that out soon does after spending some time with them. He once said that he felt stronger around Lois and now, she will continue to be his source of strength for as long as she shall live.
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