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10.10 'Luthor' review

After a week off, Smallville is back! I was quite excited for this episode. Here are my thoughts.

I really enjoyed it. There were some parts I liked and others that were more 'meh', but overall, awesome. It was an improvement over 'Patriot', but that could probably be credited to the better quality of guest stars, along with many other elements. John Glover/Lionel > AC & Mera put together and more. Seriously.

The Good

Tom Fucking Welling. That man is seriously underappreciated for all that he does and should be given more credit for his acting chops. Because he definitely has them. Not only can he sell innocent, kind-hearted Clark, but he can really work with darker roles. He was amazing throughout, and really managed to scare me as Clark Luthor. You could really tell who was who and that was impressive. Also, Clark waking up in bed with two women? Never gets old.

Clark and Lois. No matter what world they're in, they're epic. I enjoyed the final scene Clark and Lois in the hospital, as well as their reunion at Watchtower. I love how Clark pleaded to Lois to know him and she did. It was amazing and I was just smiling. They're so perfect together. Even the scene with Clark and AU!Lois was nice. I like how he told her about what he knew. That line about her spelling errors? LOVE There is clearly something wrong with Lollie in that universe and maybe AU Lois will see some hope in AU Clark too. :)

Lois in general. Both the AU version and RW Lois. I like how she comforted Ollie, how she took on Clark, and was just brilliant.

Lois and Tess. How great is it that Tess went through measures to get Lois? Those two manage to crack me up. I just love them to pieces. It doesn't hurt that they're hot together. ;)

Tess. She was able to convey so many emotions so well. Every scene was sheer brilliance. My heart broke for her in the AU world, where she frustrated with Clark and sad about Lionel's rejection. Her strength in the real world was also so great. Cassidy leaves me in awe week after week.

Clark and Ollie. I love my boys. It was interesting seeing AU Ollie and RW Clark interact, though AU Ollie seemed very dark himself. I am glad that AU Ollie saw the light and turned off the kryptonite so Clark could get home. Also, I like that they went to boarding school together, because now my fic idea is totally possible. Yes, I'm a Clark/Ollie girl through and through. Don't judge.

Lionel 'Magnificent Bastard' Luthor. John Glover came back and was fantastic. His delivery was WIN and he proved once more while I still feel he's one of the best villains in Smallville. His scenes with both Clark and Tess were very enjoyable. I totally called that he would find his way to the real world though. Once I heard Glover will be in more than one episode, I just knew. I love being right. :D

Clark and Tess. Not romantically, because seriously? DNW. However, I do like their friendship. Their last scene together? Very sweet. I really like seeing Tess open up to Clark, and him comforting her, telling her that she's not alone anymore.

The Bad:

I kind of wish this episode had been a two-parter. There was a lot left to be said and could've been done. Some of it felt a bit hurried. But maybe that was just me.

I wanted redemption for AU!Clark and though I knew we wouldn't really see it, I wish we saw that he was more ethan just a "monster". I like to imagine that no matter who raised him, Clark is still ... Clark. But I suppose that it does help Clark appreciate the circumstances in which he grew up. I can see the argument but I don't know.

I understand that the b&w versus the color was so we could tell the difference but some of those early scenes were a bit too dark, especially the one in the mansion. It felt like an old-style horror film.


Very good. When I first heard the premise, it sounded like a fanfic (which I'm sure has been written many times over) but it was carried out well.

Feel free to share your thoughts!
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